Get★This unveils first real-time web video shopping platform

Get★This’ web video shopping widget seamlessly connects audiences with brands they love

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1st phase of social TV shopping integration - farris

October 3rd 2013. Get★This , the first social shopping experience for TV and video audiences, has announced the launch of a web video shopping widget, the first real-time method for viewers to shop items featured on screen and in-sync with web videos. The Get★This widget enables audiences to shop their favourite shows by delivering a seamless user experience and single-cart checkout within the media player. Additionally, Get★This offers fans expanded editorial coverage of trends, style and entertainment at

The platform can live on most any site or entertainment portal, providing flexibility and value for content creators, brands, and audiences alike.

For content creators, Get★This increases engagement and enhances brand integration without taking viewers away from the video that they are watching.

Right now, Get★This works with partners to curate the experience when they wish to integrate platform into their content.

In the coming months, Get★This will open a self-service marketplace that will allow clients to shop-enable their own videos. Preview a sample of a shoppable video at

Using proprietary technology, the Get★This web video widget (‘Gidget’) provides networks and brand advertisers with a new way to activate viewer engagement and enhanced revenue and native advertising.

That is whether through selling product, coupons, or creating lead generation opportunities–for audiences who increasingly view television series on mobile web devices.

Originally created as a companion shopping tool for broadcast and cable television TV series, Get★This launched their pilot  in Q2 2013.

This was with the political thriller ‘Scandal’ and a series of TV’s Summer season & style coverage, where viewers shopped fashion and accessories related to popular characters.

Get★This is broadly suited for web series integration across a range of sites including leading blogs and social media networks from YouTube to Facebook.

Get★This web video platform will be shared for the first time with attendees at the Siemer Ventures Silicon Beach event, at Shutters on the Beach, in Santa Monica, California USA.

Get★This is one of seven companies nominated for the Siemer Silicon Beach WaveMaker award in the e-commerce and m-commerce categories.

“Get*This now provides audiences who view their entertainment on web-enabled devices the opportunity to engage with their favorite entertainment like never before.”

“From shopping the items and styles seen in a series, sharing items with friends or requesting more information about a particular item or place they see, Get*This connects audiences with the entertainment and brands they love,” said Lisa Farris, co-founder and CEO of Get*This.

“We are now seeing the first phase of social TV shopping integration and by late-2014, consumers will come to expect seamless shopping and direct information access as they watch their favorite shows,” she added.

How Get*This works

As products appear within a video, related items, including original and affordable options appear directly below in the ‘Get★This shoppable stage’.

This is where viewers can click to receive more information, share finds via social networks, and place the items in their shopping bag, without ever leaving, stopping, or disrupting the video experience.

Only once they’re ready to purchase and check out do they leave the viewing environment.

Based on the Get★This web video shopping widget, and a simple iFrame integration, Get★This enables – for the first time, shoppable items to be synchronised or tied to the video entertainment.

Based on tags in the video content, whether watched live or through a digital video recorder (DVR), the company enables media partners, e-tailers, and brands to receive a revenue share driven through the Get*This platform.

Get★This combines an innovative, adaptive shopping cart, audio sync (ACR) features, combined with real-time analytics to deliver the first true TV shopping experience of its kind.

Audience on the Get★This platform can:-

  • Shop original styles and looks for less
  • Request product info based on their favourite shows or items they see and are searching to find
  • Enable gender/size recognition for style discovery and streamlining check-out
  • Create personal preferences and suggestions on favourite shows, films, characters
  • Gain loyalty points through social sharing and frequency purchasing

“Online content must satisfy what the user/viewer is watching. That is the producer’s job.”

“Now, to be able to provide instant access to onscreen merchandise takes the viewing experience on step further.”

“When producing ‘how to’ content, for example, from cooking to home design, viewers want to know what shovel dug the hole or what ladle the host/chef used.”

“Get★This now answers those questions for viewers,” said Barry Gribbon, founder and content producer for Homerun Entertainment.

The emergence of second screen usage – estimated by Google at 75 per cent of the US TV- watching population alone provides Get★This partners with new opportunities.

As e-commerce sales in the USA grow to an estimated $327 billion by 2016, the amount of second screen traffic that drives either web or in-app purchases will increase in commensurate measures.

The Get★This platform enables expanded content interactions with viewers, while providing rich data for marketers, who can target and deliver effectively for shoppers.

“BabyLeague was created to make life a little easier for moms, dads, and caregivers. Integrating Get★This’ widget into our original, informative programs will add incredible value for our audience.”

“New parents, with very little time and energy to navigate the overwhelming world of baby products will be able to conveniently and confidently shop for their merchandise, with the click of a button, during one of our videos.”

“Best of all, the content will not be interrupted, as parenting professionals and like-minded moms and dads share their sound advice and product recommendations with families worldwide,” said Aimee Helfand, founder and CEO of BabyLeague.

Get★This offers exclusive access to award winning Style Ambassadors who are some of the leading costume designers, make-up, and hair stylists, in the industry.

Get★This Style Ambassadors provide audiences with Q&A articles, style tips, how-to and DIY secrets, and trends.


Get★This is the first social TV shopping platform in the industry. Created by entertainment industry veterans for the expanded multi-screen universe, Get★This provides advertisers, brands, production companies, distributors and networks with a lean, powerful solution for real-time e-commerce experiences. Get★This’ single-cart check-out and super affiliate model works with more than 70 brand partners. The Get★This iPad app can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store. Mobile phone versions will be made available during the Q4 2013.

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