Get your top fashion fixes on yer Android from Shopcade

It was already on the iPhone but the iOS app’s been updated, too

go-to app for fashion lovers - gaveau

This is really one for the ladies – although when Hans installed the Shopcade app on his Prestigio 5430,  it immediately offered him deals from Top Man [UK]. So men can use it, too. Anyway, just in time for Xmas, Shopcade has released its new Android app and produced an update of its iPhone app. The aim with the Shopcade is to make it easier for young ‘fashionistas’ to keep up with top trends and deals. Shopcade intends to become daily source of fashion trends and deals and introduce a one-stop shop for time and cost-conscious young fashionistas.

Let’s face it -eeping up with new fashion styles takes a large amount of time and effort.

The same goes for keeping up with good deals or even finding the best-priced items for the kind of look you want.

Now instead of going to the  online web site, fashionistas can use Android or IPhone app.

Every day the app will features looks from the celebs they admire; the bloggers that inspire them,  and the magazines they read.

The app can be used to locate products;  shop them immediately or save them as lsist for later;  or to get alerts whenever  an item goes on sale.

“Shopcade is the go-to app for fashion lovers who are looking for celeb styles, real-life trends and deals,” argues Nathalie Gaveau, Shopcade’s CEO.

Shopcade is available free on the Apple iTunes AppStore here and on  Google Play here.

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