Getting your hands on a Prestigio in the UK

Having recommended Prestigio for  dual SIM a reader asks …

maplin had probably just sold out - macnamara

It was our own fault really. Having just recommended Prestigio handsets for their dual SIM capabilities in ‘Dual SIM handsets need instant online’, we received a plea from a regular GoMo News reader in the UK. Candelaria Rodriguez Bento asks, “I want to get a Prestigo mobile phone but I can not finding any shop in London that sells Prestigio mobiles. I’ve tried Maplins in London. They have the tablets but they no have Prestigio phones.” This just helps to illustrate the difficulty of breaking into a developed market as a new entrant handset supplier. Consumers often want to touch & feel before they buy.

First off, what is the actual answer to Candelaria’s question? Short answer – Maplin is the correct place to try.

Martin MacNamara, UK sales director for Prestigio, told GoMo News, “Maplin definitely do, they should be in all stores, but possibly they had sold out.”

“At the moment that is the only one [in London] with stock in store.”

The search is much easier than Candelaria appears to realise, it seems. All you need to do is visit the Maplin online store here.

Search for the particular Duo handset you want and the site will show you availability. Pick one and add it to your cart.

When you go to check out the site will show you two options: – ‘Find stores’ and ‘Near me’.

Using those options, GoMo News quickly worked out that one of the Central London Maplin shops stocking the handsets and easily reachable was on the Strand.

This whole exercise helps to illustrate how having  the web plus bricks & mortar can aid retailers in making sales.

It also shows the importance of doing a deal with established players in the mobile industry.

GoMo News would rank getting a handset ‘ranged by an MNO [Mobile Network Operator] or even MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] as the No.1 aim.

That would be followed by reaching an agreement with one of the big High Street resellers such as the Carphonee warehouse or Phones 4U.

We have noticed that signing up for Prestigio marketing also works wonders and the company regularly emails offers on specific handsets.

Go here to sign up.

Finally, if you want to track Prestigio down, the company is actually based in Limassol, Cyprus.

The address for the UK distributor is … ASBIS, Unit 1A, Knock Airport Business Park, Knock Airport, Charlestown, Co Mayo, Eire.

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  1. Ron says:

    Maplin do not stock full prestigio range. I ordered an 8″ diamond tablet with 3g etc but when it arrived it was a lesser spec. Maplin had put the wrong info on Web. But refunded me. After seeing the diamond range this is what I want,maybe the 10″ as well but where from? Come on Martin ~ what is your position.

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