Gluten Free Bartender iOS app vital for those Xmas cocktails

Also handy if you know some-one with a Celiac disease

Without knowing it, everyone probably knows at least one person who is allergic to what (glutten). In GoMo News‘ case it was PR supremo Maggie Davies who sadly is no longer with us. These days, however, besides those with a Celiac disease, there are even diets which recommend that followers should steer clear of gluten. So when an item landed on our desk about the ‘Gluten Free Bartender app’, we couldn’t but help investigate. The guys at Gluten Free Bartender are so enthusiastic that they forgot to say this app only runs under iOS on iPhones and the like. Nevertheless, as Xmas draws even nearer, what better app to have on your smartphone than one which can help you create a glutten free cocktail.

For starters, the app provides a list of many of the most popular, easier to find gluten free drink brands and products (although GoMo suspects this app is very North American orientated) .

Never mind because, it also offers many of the most Popular drink recipes that can be made gluten free.

The App includes brand details, helpful tips and information. It also lists spirits, wines, beers and other products that are specifically made from ingredients that are inherently/naturally gluten free.

Not only that these items are exclusively listed on the Gluten Free Bartender app.

If you’re hooked, you can get this app from the Apple iTunes App store here. It will set you back £1.99 or $2.99 is the USA.

GoMo News just wishes there had been an app like this around when we followed the Atkins diet.

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