Going mobile gets faster with Mobify 2.0 update

Mobify is one of a breed of services called “mobilizers”. It’s a method of creating a mobile web page from an existing on-line one. It’s an automatic service – Mobify subscribers simply use the web-hosted visual interface to transcode their page. Now Mobify has announced a host of new features with Mobify 2.0


There’s no such thing as “the mobile web”, really – it’s just a catch all term for those sites and services that have been designed so that mobile users can see and use them easily on a small device. Most of “mobile web” pages are built from the ground up, but services like Mobify allow you to perform automatic optimization to your on-line page so that mobiles won’t have a problem with it. This is mostly achieved by automatically transforming the underlying code of the site into one that is mobile-friendly… or, transcoding.

We’ve had some experience with Mobify. Our own Val Halla created her own mobile site with it, and wrote about her experiences.

What are the updates?

I actually wasn’t expecting to be too impressed by this release, but there are some very good tools added in this update. Google Analytics has been built-in to the Mobify API – so you can get the same level of analysis for your mobile site as you would for an on-line site with Google support. API support has also been added for certain on-line page builders (including GoMo’s own home, WordPress) so that these pages will mobilize even faster than before.

Kevin Woolery, CTO of Jetpack Digital said “I’ve converted sites for mobile in the past, and it has always been difficult. With Mobify, we had a mobile version of VIBE up in no time. I’ll be the first to recommend Mobify to anybody who is looking to get a high-quality mobile presence without having to re-architect their site”.

What we think?

The true benefit in a service like Mobify lies in its speed and simplicity – as GoMo’s Val reported. For someone who isn’t a web designer (and even for some who are) the prospect of creating a mobile-optimized website can be daunting. Mobify won’t provide you with the in-depth mobile functionality that a mobile developer could, but it allows people who don’t have the time or resources to develop their own site/app to get some presence on mobile. And that is worth the price.

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