GoMo applies today for MWC 2013 admission

Rating: Yup, the registration process has now opened

Historically, the GSMA always used to delay the registration process for media representatives for a while after regular attendees were allowed to register their interest in attending its flagship event – the Mobile World Congress. However, this is not the case with MWC Barcelona 2013. The registration process opened for absolutely everyone today [November 13th 2012]. Press need to go here. GoMobile News would urge all of its readers to register as soon as possible because this is very definitely a not-to-be-missed event and regarded by many as the place to be if you even remotely regard yourself as a shaker and mover in the mobile/cellular world. Here at GoMobile Towers we are particularly intrigued by the app which supports MWC 2013 which is known as My MWC.

The show’s organisers, the GSMA, describe My MWC as “the exclusive social networking tool for MWC attendees.”

It goes on to say that, “The tool has been completely redesigned and will enable more efficient networking before, during and after the event.”

The GSMA also adds that improvements to My MWC include a much improved mobile app version and better business deal matchmaking.

When it is released – and the GSMA is promising that this will happen next week, you should be able to find more details about what the app does here.

Previously, the My MWC app was a web based application to ensure that all flavours of smartphone could access the service – not just Android and iPhone.

The app was supplied to the GSMA by the US based Zenista. See my previous story here.

However, GoMobile News is prepared to speculate that there might be OS specific versions for iOS and Android in 2013 whilst the other mobile OS users still access it via the mobile web.

Anyway, the first thing that you should do is register for MWC 2013 by going here.

It is interesting to note that the GSMA is offering Fast Track collection of badges from Barcelona Airport’s Terminal 1.

It doesn’t give times and dates for the Fast Track service and warns that not all types of passes are available via the Fas tTrack service.

 GoMobile News isn’t worried because we almost certainly won’t fly in via that terminal!

More details of MWC 2013 for your diary here.

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