GoMo can clearly see why Google wanted Murray Wells

Brit spectacles entrepreneur obviously helping Google sell Glass

google goes with spec seller wells

Why on Earth would Google need another internet entrepreneur to join its ranks and a Brit one – Jamie Murray Wells, to boot? The answer is obvious. You’ve invented a really neat set of AR spectacles in the shape of Google Glass. Who better to help you flog such a product than a man who made his fortune selling spectacles online – Wells? There is also a clue in the recent Sunday Times report saying that he has joined Google’s retail team (he lists himself as an industry manager at Google on LinkedIn). Google is hardly likely to want Wells to help it sell smartphones and tablets, now is it?

Here at GoMo Towers, we’d say that it’s a bit too late to start selling Google’s Glass spectacles in time for Xmas.

But something’s up because after seven months with Google, Murray Wells has just stood down as chairman of the company he founded – Glasses Direct.

GoMo can see parallels with Google’s desire to sell high tech glasses and the early days of Internet cafes.

We remember interviewing the first Brit to set up an internet cafe in London and he told us that as a tech guru the hardest part for him was finding somebody that knew about running a cafe.

Google wants to sell Glass and it has found somebody who knows more than a little bit about selling spectacles.

A recent report from UK based Juniper Research revealed that smart wearable device shipments – including glasses and smart watches will approach 130 million units by 2018, 10 times higher than estimated this year.

We suspect that – like GoMo itself, Murray Wells might be something of an F1 fan. He wrote an article on Fi & Indy car maker, Ilmor, for the Telegraph recently here.

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