GoMo digs out 2D barcode examples

Hope this manages to clear up confusion over 2D barcode types

aztec code is only real rival to QR codes now

These days, the 2D mobile barcode wars are really over. For all intents and purposes, the QR code has won out – even though it technically might not be the best solution available. However,  in some cases there are still some refuseniks left. A good case in point is the travel industry. Hence, when we wrote this story … ‘BA’s barcode causes confusion – Datamatrix or Aztec?‘, we tried to clear up the confusion. The travel industry actually utilises Aztec codes rather than going down the QR code route. As GoMo reader Robert Smith has just pointed out that story contained a link to a web site page that no  longer exists. So below we have published examples of the seven most popular 2D barcode types again.
Originally on the missing web, we’d only shown six barcode types: – Aztec code; Datamatrix; Maxicode; the QR code itself; Shot code; and Upcode.

But we’ve caved in and included Microsoft’s Tag code whose principal USP is that it used colour. You can built colour into QR codes now as we mention here ‘ScanLife enters tech spat with logo-centric QR codes‘.

Actually what we should have done is  just refer Robert to this page  …. ‘How to tell mobile barcodes apart‘.

It has a few more examples of codes including custom QR codes from Tagnition and custom Snap Tags from SpiderLynx.

GoMo News actually recommends NeoMedia‘s Neoreader software to read virtually all off these barcodes, but frequently there’s no necessity to install a specific barcode reader app.

Many Android handsets ship with a barcode reader app already installed and in the case of the BlackBerry OS, there a barcode reading app built right into many apps. Such as BBM, for example.

Examples of typical 2D barcodes

Aztec code [bull's eye]

Datamatrix (L-shape]

Maxicode [circular bull's eye]

QR code [3 corners]

Shot code [Circle]

Tag [Microsoft colour]

Upcode [incorporates name+ no.]

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