GoMo discovers hidden benefit of BB10 upgrade for Q5

BlackBerry handset has FM radio capability hidden away

Previously, here at GoMo Towers we revealed that whilst updating the installed apps (including BBM incidentally) on our BlackBerry Q5 we noticed that one of the improvements was to the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app. Again, by sheer accident we’ve just discovered that there is another hidden benefit of BB10 upgrade for Q5. Bizarrely, it turns out that this smartphone has had a built-in radio capability all along. It’s just that BlackBerry hadn’t got around to implementing it. Until now.  Make sure your device is now running at the very least.

Now the important part about this unleashing of the Q5′s FM radio capability is that you have to use the right kind of earbuds/headset.

Initially, we didn’t think much of the radio facility because we were using a very low end set of earbuds.

However, as soon as we swapped to the earbuds supplied with the Q5 itself – and then a set developed for Apple’s iPhone range, the radio reception became good – not just merely acceptable.

To get to the Q5′s FM radio capability, open the built-in ‘Music’ app and you’ll see the radio icon down there on the right.

Wiht a set of earbuds or headphones connected simply scan for the radio stations available in your current location.

The biggest irony, however, is that what we really needed to know was how to turn on the full internet radio capability inside the BlackBerry Q5.

We searched online and found that GoMo News itself had actually published the solution way back in October 2012.

To get Internet radio going, you have to go into the BlackBerry browser’s settings and manually switch on support for Adobe Flash.

This little gem of information stemmed from when GoMo was trying out BB10 before it was commercially available.

In ‘BB10 stands a good chance of helping RIM turn itself around‘, we wrote, “We also had RIM prove to us BB10′s full support for mobile Adobe Flash and it passed the GoMobile News Flash litmus test. But that’s another of our stories here.”

Open the browser on your BlackBerry BB10 device and then Go to the ‘Settings’ menu.

You should then find another option marked ‘Display and Actions’. Scroll own ans you should see an option marked simply ‘Adobe Flash’.

Make sure that this option is turned on because by default it seems to be turned off. We have no idea why that is.

Once we’d switched on Adobe Flash support, we found that we could listen to our local radio station – Radio Jackie, via an internet link.

Result. Now we can listen to our favourite music station – ChillDAB. In this time you don’t pick the option which says ‘PC Player’, you pick ‘iPhone/other’ and it works.

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