GoMo discovers how to Chill again on a WP7.8 handset

We also have a close encounter with Last.fm’s ‘scrobbling’ app

We’re not sure how the UK’s Global Radio has done it, but we can now listen to Chill FM on our favourite mobile devices again. Even on a Windows Phone 7.8 device like the Nokia Lumia 800. [It seems to be thanks to UK radio Player] Regular readers might remember that GoMo News complained that thanks to Adobe dropping support for Flash in the mobile arena, we could get a music player to load. (See ‘Major hole in Windows Phone 7 still exists’. Now, obviously thanks to a new app of some kind, clicking on ‘Listen Live’ plays the radio station live through the Lumia 800′s browser.

In our desperation to try to listen to our favourite Chill station on Sunday morning, we found a link between ChillFM (also known as ChillDAB) and LastFM. Go here to see what we mean.

It’s possible to play ChillDAB’s Library Radio via Last.fm. Which is almost as good as listening to the radio station (but not quite).

Now here at GoMo Towers we employ BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet to listen to internet based music mainly because we can plug it into a music system and/or TV set via HDMI.

But Last FM kept asking us what package we used for ‘scrobbling’ – whatever that means. Naturally, we had no idea which app to download for the PlayBook.

In the end we found it – On Air (Powered by Last.fm) and created by Patrick Heinzelmann. Initally, we can’t get this app to work.

After much head-scratching it turns out that you can’t listen to the music stations via the BlackBerry version without an actual subscription to Last.fm.

So we downloaded the ChillOutRadio app for PlayBook instead and that plays music for free.

During our scouring on the web for ways out of our dilemma, we also rediscovered the neat app for Android handsets dedicated to Fluid Nation (which plays on Chill FM). That works nicely,too.

Meanwhile, we also discovered that for some reason Global Music only publicises its Apple iOS apps for its chief radio stations. The list includes Capital FM, Gold, Classic FM, LBC and Heart.

Happy listening.

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