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why does it say Search for WLAN when an N73 has no Wi-fi

The scales have fallen from our eyes over the difficulties our readers are experiencing with Nokia N73 smartphone – especially those hailing from the Indian subcontinent. Being based over here in the UK, we hadn’t fully appreciated exactly where these N73 handsets were being sourced from. We now suspect that a great deal of the problems being experienced by users relate to the handsets being locked into one particular mobile network operator. Having acquired our own N73, we’ve made some interesting discoveries. We did manage the OS update, though.

The N73 which we have now acquired came into our possession from some-one connected to the Orange UK network.

When first supplied back in 2007, such handsets were customised for a particular network operator because they were being subsidised.

Examining the N73 we found that much of the advice given in our previous article – ‘How to update the Nokia N73′s OS‘ simply didn’t apply to the Orange UK sourced N73.

For instance, after pressing the special Symbian ‘Menu’ button; there was indeed an icon/folder marked ‘Applications’.

However, when you go into the Applications menu, there is, in fact, no option marked ‘SW Update’. Not even in the folder marked About.

With no SW Update folder available, it is then pointless going to the Settings menu to see if Auto-check for updates has been selected.

It won’t be there so it isn’t possible for your N73 is not set for automatically checking for OS updates.

At this stage, it is worth pointing out another glaring error in the advice being given to N73 owners. This handset absolutely does not support Wi-fi.

We’ve no idea where the posts  saying that it does boast such a facility comes from, but they are wrong.

Wi-fi isn’t ‘turned off’ – it is entirely missing. The relevant chips aren’t inside the N73.

The only way to update an N73, in these circumstances is to attach it to a Windows based PC.

To do so you require the special custom Nokia USB lead which is very different from today’s mini/micro USB cables.

It is then necessary to download and install a copy of the Nokia PC Suite.

In India, for example, N73 owners should be able to download this package for a Windows PC from http://www.nokia.com/in-en/support/downloads/.

Once you have the PC Suite installed, plug the N73 into the computer via the USB cable, We strongly suspect that trying to link the PC to the N73 via Bluetooth or infra-red simply won’t work because the connexion speed is too low.

Once the PC has recognised the N73, it will probably ask to download the very latest version of the PC Suite client onto your N73. Say Yes.

Here’s the slightly weird bit. Look under the menu marked ‘web’ and you should find an option to download and install software updates.

In our case, this triggered a request to download a copy of Nokis Software Updater – which you require in addition to the PC Suite.

We appear to have downloaded version 3.5.34 of Software Updater.

With the N73 plugged directly into the PC via the USB cable, we were then able to commence with the N73 OS upgrade.

In our case we were able to move over from RM-133 v 3.0704.1.0.1 to version 4.0735.3.0.2.

Now the important thing here is that Software Updater requires the handset’s owner to place a working SIM card inside the N73 before it will perform the update.

We assume the reason for this is that it enables Nokia to ensure that N73 owners download the version of the OS customised for the supplying network operator.

The only major benefit we could identify in upgrading the N73′s OS was that it installed Nokia Maps.

But then there’s no GPS (satellite) facility inside the N73. You will still need to connect a standalone GPS receiver to the N73 via Bluetooth.

We can understand why so many N73 owners are so frustrated.

Even after the update, the handset itself will not inform you as to which version of the OS is now currently installed. You have to use the PC Suite to discover that.

All we can suggest is that if you discover your N73 is restricted to using SIM cards from one particular network operator only, you try to find a High Street shop which will ‘unlock’ your phone for other networks.

That way you may be able to force a software upgrade which normally would be unavailable.

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