GoMo fails dismally to get its shed load of data

EE’s promise of 1GB of data on PAYG eludes us entirely

Here at GoMo Towers we are enthusiastic users of the Orange UK network which is now run by EE. So, when we saw a TV advert offering a ‘shed load of data’ and staring Keven Bacon, we thought we just had to give the offer a go. The claim is that consumers get 1GB (a gig) of data when they top up £10 on prepaid (PAYG). After around four major support sessions (all of which cost 25 pence each), we still aren’t any closer to get the 1GB. And it’s exposed some major failings in Orange/EE ability to deliver on such promises.

In effect,  GoMo News bought an Orange PAYG SIM card and topped up with the requisition tenner (£10) to get our free data on the 3G network.

That’s definitely what the advert says. You can view it from the link below.

Why did we want a PAYG SIM when we are already on Orange/EE. Simple? Well, we have a test Nokia N73 handset whose only possible data connexion is via cellular data rather than Wi-fi.

Rather than visit a dedicated Orange store which in our case is miles away in Wimbledon, we purchased an Orange PAYG SIM from a local newsagent just like a regular citizen.

However, it soon became clear that once activated, this SIM was consuming credit at an alarming rate – as we surfed the Net trying to get our 1GB of free data.

The tariff which the SIM was activated on was declared to be ‘Starter’ – which is almost certainly the problem.

One call centre agent has now moved us to ‘Dolphin’ which probably provides the best data rates. There’s no mention in the advert that you must get the tariff right.

Now, as soon as we saw our £10 credit rapidly evapourating on our loan CAT 15 loan handset, we installed the appropriate ‘Your Orange’ Android app.

The objective was to confirm that simple use of GPRS data was draining our remaining credit. Could we do this? No.

This bit is hard to believe, but an Orange Call Centre agent has confirmed our suspicions – you cannot view your itemised bill on a mobile handset. You have to use a desktop computer. Ridiculous.

From a desktop PC we have been able to confirm that we’ve consumed £7  so far. £6 in GPRS charges and £1 in calls to the Orange Help Centre.

And we’re no closer to resolving this issue. If mobile-aware journalists cannot take advantage of this shed load of data offer, what hope has the general public got?

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Tony is currently Editor of GoMobile News. He's a veteran telecoms journalist who has previously worked for major printed and online titles. Follow him on Twitter @GoMoTweet.
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