GoMo kind of likes the WOMAD festival app

Improvement on previous years

We should actually be in a field in Wiltshire right now but circumstances beyond our control meant we haven’t gone to the WOMAD world music festival this year [2014]. Nonetheless we decided to review the events’ Android app anyway. Especially since our gut feeling is that the app is a lot better than previous years. Once again it has been created by App Majik and it only appeared a few days before the festival started. Our view is that apps like this should be released a few weeks in advance and it should be left to users to download the updates.
What do we like about this app? Well, full marks for attempted social media integration with links to Twitter and Instagram but no direct link to Facebook.

We also like the diary/planner feature which will prove very useful for sorting out just where and when you should be standing in front of one of the many stages.

The list of artists does, however, display the hallmarks of having me assembled at the last minute.

For example, the entry for Nitin Sawhney actually boasted the biog for another artist – Richard Thomson. Oops.

We also felt that the maps of the camp site and music locations weren’t in the least bit mobile friendly but then that’s more down to the event organizers rather than the app developer.

Although we really do feel users should have been able to search the Information by artist and by music stage – as in Siam tent.

Here at GoMo Towers we are trying to console ourselves with the fact that few of our favourite world music artists we in this year’s line-up. There’s always 2015.

We checked via the app to see if tickets are still available for the last day – Sunday July 27th 2014. They seem to be.

You can probably listen to some live music from WOMAD Charlton Park on the UK government’s propaganda arm. But we won’t link to those loggers.

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