GoMo launches help page on N73 & WhatsApp

Advice particularly aimed at our readers in the Indian subcontinent

One of the drawbacks to the publishing system we have used is that the year in which information was originally published isn’t immediately obvious. Hence, large number of GoMo News readers still read this story Nokia update N73 Software. That was written back in 2008. Hence, the information it contains is completely outdated.  The same thing applies to at least four other stories concerning the Nokia N73  (listed below). Currently, we are pretty sure the reason why the vast majority of readers are so interesting in upgrading the Nokia N73 is in order to run WhatsApp. Currently the N73 cannot run WhatsApp. So we’ve launched the Nokia N73 updates & WhatsApp help page to spell out exactly why.

The help page provides information on how it would be possible to run WhatsApp on a mobile handset other than the N73.

There are, in fact, some old S40 handsets that can run it. We suggest that you try taking a look at the relevant page on Nokia’s Ovi app store here but it may not be possible to view that page in some countries.

One obvious alternative is the Nokia Asha 501. This option was suggested by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik, who works for MySmartprice.com – an Indian online mobile phone sales site.

Incidentally, if you want to see everything we’ve written about the N&3 just visit hsi page … http://www.gomonews.com/category/n73/.

Although the stories listed below are extremely popular, they are now completely out of date. So we’d thoroughly recommend you don’t bother reading them.

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