GoMo loads Android version of Netflix onto BlackBerry Q5

Running Android apps under BB10 10.2.1 is easy

Having read that Nokia claims that around 75 per cent of Android apps will run straight ‘out-of-the-box’ on its AOSP [Android Open Source Project] based X platform reminded GoMo News, that we haven’t tried the same trick with BlackBerry 10. So we tried to identify an iconic Android app that appears to be missing from the BlackBerry World app store and came up with Netflix. Given that it requires video streaming, we consider this a suitable challenge. We loaded the Android app onto a Q5 and it worked without modifications.

Tired of waiting to test a BlackBerry Z10, GoMo News went ahead and acquired its own BlackBerry Q5 through Orange – so we are now with EE (the parent company).

During the setup process we noticed that the Q5 was already flagging the fact that an OS update was available – to to be precise.

We remembered reading that this upgrade offered improved support for running Android apps and managed to track down the appropriate Hot Tip on Crackberry.com.

So we are very grateful to Simon Sage who provides all of the necessary guidance on how to get Android apps onto the latest BB10 devices here.

You only really need one piece of information – which app store to use.

Just like Nokia is going to have to send all of its Android users to the Nokia Store (formerly Ovi) instead of Google Play, with BlackBerry you use Amazon’s Appstore.

So the first task is to download the actual Android version of the Amazon Appstore to your BlackBerry.

As Mr Sage kindly points out the URL is www.amazon.com/getappstore. Once you’ve done this you can search away for Android apps.

We haven’t done any actual research but the gut feeling at GoMo Towers is that a much higher percentage of Android apps will run under BB10 than Nokia X. Maybe even 90-95 per cent.

We suspect the reason that these Android apps run so easily under BB10 is that Amazon carries apps designed to work on its own forked (flavour) of Android for its Kindle tablets.

We look forward to reader comments on this subject.

Photo watermarking courtesy of Boothchat.co.uk.

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