GoMo News gets frustrated with Channel 4 app

Trying to vote with The Winner Takes It All app

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There’s good ideas for creating brilliant marketing plans and there’s the harsh reality which the implementation of an app presents to real people. GoMo News was all fired up to participate in an online music contestant voting system. Then we discovered how many hoops we had to jump through. This whole exercise in mobile marketing has been created by the British TV station, Channel 4, in conjunction with content producers Endemol ( most famous for Big Brother). The pair has produced an app which enables the UK public to vote for wannabe superstars. It’s called The Singer Takes It All (TSTIA). Instead of hours of fun, it seems to offer hours of frustration.

The app is available from Google Play here or the iTunes App Store here, or go onto the official TSTIA site here.

Now this app involves video streaming (of the potential contestants showcase) and the one thing we did like about the app is that it warns users that it is data hungry.

So if you want to avoid going over your monthly gigabyte (or whatever) of data – turn Wi-fi on.

Now what we were trying to do was vote for one of the participants – a young female singer called Nikki Aston.

She’d performed at The Party In The Pub – held at the Wheatsheaf in Ewell [UK] and bravely handed out leaflets explaining how to vote for her.

Now having downloaded the app onto our loan Motorola Android handset, in order to vote you have to log in either using Facebook or Twitter.

It wasn’t clear at all what use the app (and therefore Channel 4) was going to do with the information it acquired from your login. Which makes GoMo News very nervous.

However, the app promises not to post anything on your Facebook page and seems to want to view your addressbook to check that you’re a real person. Still suspicious, though.

Anyway, we took the plunge and used Facebook. Incidentally, the app is linked to a TV show hosted by Alan Carr.

One of its features is that you can vote for contestants in realtime whilst watching the programme.

However, the app currently reports that the next show will be on “soon”.

We wanted to view Nikki’s video and vote for her. We found her in the Top 4o section of the app.

However, it wasn’t possible to view her entry directly from the Top 40. Instead you have to go through the ‘Judge Hopefuls’ section.

This is where the frustration comes in. Because we’ve sat through what seems like an unending stream of contestants and still not got to Nikki yet.

The app claims to have an anonymous ‘data tracking’ facility which might show up our frustration.

GoMo News has contacted Channel 4 via the Internet to ask the developers to modify the app so that we can vote directly from the Top 40.

Hopefully, they will take some notice.

More information on TSTIA here.

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