GoMo proves that Reviveaphone really does work

Our Cat B15 was a bit beyond redemption, though

When we first learnt of the concept behind a product called Reviveaphone, here at GoMo Towers we thought it was a brilliant idea. An answer to the handset industry’s worst nightmare – the fact that so many smartphones stop working through excessive exposure to water. The number of times a handset accidentally falls into a water closet (flushing toilet) is unbelievably high. The consequence? The smartphone owner loses a device that can be worth at least £400. Hence, paying £14.99 for a solution that can revive a ‘water damaged’ mobile phone seems like a bargain. Especially if it works. And in our case, we were able to prove that it really does do what it claims on the packaging.

Now here’s the chief disclaimer. In order for Reviveaphone to work its magic, you really need to treat the handset ASAP [As Soon As Possible]. So it’s worth having one around just in case.

Waiting around for the phone to dry out or trying other possible treatments before using Reviveaphone reduces the chances of this product actually working.

So, once the smartphone has fallen into the water – first step, take the battery our of it immediately. Those with iPhones are unlucky here because the battery is integral. So switch the handset off completely instead.

Next, whatever you do – do not apply any unnatural heat to the device. By which we mean, for example, don’t attempt to remedy the situation with a hair dryer. Just shake off excess water manually.

The next thing you do is open the pouch provided in the Reviveaphone kit and then pour the associated solution into the pouch. Be very careful. Think of this stuff (the solution) as bleach, for example, and treat it with equal caution.

Now seal the handset in the pouch provided and leave soaking for seven minutes. Afterwards, remove the handset and dispose of the solution very carefully.

What happened in our case? Well, we had a cordless handset that had just been left overnight in a downpour. So we treated that. Then we tried it with our completely ruined Cat B15.

In short, the cordless handset was fully restored to working order 24 hours after immersion in the solution – as instructed.

The situation wth the Cat B15 is more complicated because previous efforts to revive it seem to have destroyed the handset’s screen.

But our hunch is that if we fitted a new screen to the Cat B15, after using the Reviveaphone product we would almost certainly have a working handset.

So we recommend it and it gets a 9 out of 10 rating. It would have got 10 out of 10 but the solution leaves a white residue which you have to clean off manually.

But if you get a £400 handset back, then who cares?

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