GoMo revives its trusty BlackBerry PlayBook from restart failure

BlackBerry revives its own fortunes with Rosberg’s F1 win

nico rosberg

Here at GoMo Towers our trusty BlackBerry tablet – the PlayBook, mysteriously went into a continuous loop. It kept trying to restart but never offered us the Login screen (so we could enter the password). We discounted the usual ‘water damage’ explanation for mobile devices suddenly deciding to malfunction and decided it was ‘software rot’. The obvious solution, therefore, was to try to update the tablet’s mobile OS. The easiest way (and probably only way) to do so was to plug the tablet into a Windows based PC via a USB cable. And it worked. Oh & Nico Rosberg won the first 2014 F1 race.

If you’re wondering what ‘software rot’ is, the answer is a theory expounded by our great friend Dr Chris Bidmead. (Who? -Ed).

He argues that although there is no logical explanation why perfectly good software code should cease to work, somehow it manages to do so. Hence, the software mysteriously ‘rots’ over time.

The antidote to ‘rot’ is to update the software and GoMo was delighted to discover that when we plugged the tablet into a Windows PC running BlackBerry’s desktop software – not only was the tablet recognised but an OS update was also available.

Hence, we followed all of the onscreen prompts for the software upgrade and – once the PlayBook had sufficient battery storage power, the new software was successfully installed.

Incidentally. we tried the procedure for full factory PlayBook reset before the software upgrade and it didn’t work.

You are supposed to hold down three keys (Power, Volume +,Volume -) simultaneously and the device should hard reset.

In our case the infinite loop carried on and the tablet refused to restart properly.

Now back to Formula One racing. GoMo chooses to interpret it as an indication that BlackBerry’s fortunes in general are reviving.

So the fact that Nico Rosberg, the F1 driver for McLaren Mercedes AMG Petronas sponsored by BlackBerry, won the first 2014 F1 race in Australia looked really good for the smartphone supplier.

Rosberg was, of course, the controversial celebrity picked to promote BlackBerry’s BBM Channels facility.

The next Formula One race is in Malaysia on March 30th [2014]. A country which we regard here as pretty close to BlackBerry’s favourite market – Indonesia.

If Rosberg & Hamilton can win on the 30th, we reckon sale of BlackBerries will soar.

Especially if BlackBerry manages to launch the Z3 entry level BB10 device in time.

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4 Responses to GoMo revives its trusty BlackBerry PlayBook from restart failure

  1. simplekid says:

    I’m not sure what the point of this article is.

    Are you trying to link software rot to the new technology being used in F1 this year or that tech sponsorship in sport directly affects sales?

    There are also some factual inaccuracies: Nico Rosberg drives for Mercedes, not McLaren, and it his team that is sponsored by BlackBerry, not him.

    Also, in what way is Rosberg a controversial celebrity?

  2. Tony Dennis says:

    “In what way is Rosberg a controversial celebrity”? Well, as we outlines in this story http://www.gomonews.com/urgent-bbm-chat-with-f1s-rosberg-cancelled/ the first time he was picked for BBM Channels, he didn’t actually do it. Second, co-driver Hamilton is the bigger celebrity so why was Rosberg picked in the first place. Pretty controversial, I’d say.

    “His team is sponsored by Rosberg, not him” Check out the picture of him supplied by BlackBerry in this story http://www.gomonews.com/chat-to-f1s-rosberg-on-yer-blackberry-tomorrow/ and tell us that “he’s not sponsored by BlacKBerry”. He can’t win races without sitting in the car.

    And, No – we’re not “trying to link software rot to the new technology being used in F1″. That would be just you.

  3. simplekid says:

    I’m not sure that qualifies as “controversial” – more just a PR gaffe, which could also be the fault of BlackBerry. Rosberg may not be as well known in the UK as Hamilton, but he’s still an F1 race winner (and son of an F1 World Champion) so he’s not exactly unknown.

    That picture has a BlackBerry logo on the car, and both Mercedes drivers have the logo on their race suits. The drivers aren’t personally sponsored by BlackBerry in the same way as Fernando Alonso is by Santander though.

    Also, if the story isn’t linking software rot and F1 it appears to just be a couple of random thoughts about BlackBerry…

  4. admin says:

    If no-one argues about an event then granted it is not controversial. But you’ve just complained twice. And exactly who cares whose Dad Nico’s is? Didn’t do Damon much good did it? And we knighted the man who fired him. Say no more.

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