GoMo seeks ‘insufficient storage available’ solution

Our loan Android handset runs out of space for new apps

It’s an infuriating experience. On your sparkling new Android handset, you’ve only downloaded a dozen or so apps and then the handset keeps reporting “Insufficient Storage Available”. We’re running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) so it’s not as if this is a problem Google is unaware of. What’s happening is that the OS is insisting on installing apps into the handset’s internal memory. And if you’ve only got 0.5 GB of memory as standard, this can soon fill up. GoMo News has even head of UK retailer, the Carphone Warehouse, warning customers off a particular Samsung model which suffers from this drawback. We reckon, however, that some-one out there knows a viable antidote without having to ‘root’ the Android handset. So contact us please.

Now there are actual workarounds. For example, you can move apps from internal memory to SD card storage.

We’ve never been able to work out why some apps will move and others won’t, however.

Anyway, to attempt this transfer – simply go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Apps’. Next select an app which is listed as consuming a large amount of memory space, click on it and then attempt to move it.

We find that frequently, the ‘Move to SD card’ option is greyed out and you simply can move it. Again, no idea why.

Another way of saving space is to uninstall any updates you have downloaded for pre-loaded apps that you know you are simply not going to use.

Of course, it is also sensible to switch off the ‘automatically download updates when wi-fi is available’ option in the settings for such apps.

Otherwise the updates you’ve just uninstalled to create space simply install themselves again.

One very handy tip which we’ve picked up is to install an app called ‘App Cache Cleaner’. It’s from Infolife and available on Google Play for free here.

We just ran it and it cleared about 40 MB of data – giving us 107.MB free to install new apps. (Then move them to the SD card if we can).

However. GoMo News has spotted hints that it might be possible to reformat the SD card in such a way that the Android OS is fooled into thinking that removeable storage is actually internal memory.

The posts we’ve read about this to date seem to imply that this can be achieved by ‘rooting’ the Android handset. And rooting itself is a complicated process. See our previous article here.

We reckon that by cleverly partitioning a removeable SD card, you can probably convince an Android handset that it has 1 GB when it only has 500 MB.

So if you’ve done so or read instructions for how to do so, please get in contact with us here at GoMo News. Leave us a comment below, for example.

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