GoMo tries MusicQubed’s O2 Tracks on Windows Phone

Rating: O2′s site thought that we were using an iPhone not WP7.5

Having just chatted to Chris Gorman who’s in charge of MusicQubed, the company that created the technology and service behind O2 Tracks on iOS, Android and Blackberry, we thought it best to try out the service.  Especially since the company has only just announced availability of the app for Windows Phone which you can find here. It is already available via other devices’ app stores: - AndroidBlackBerry, and iOS. We had a bit of fun and games downloading the WP7.8 version, of course.

The good news for Brits is the O2 Tracks service is available across all mobile networks not just O2.

The app is described as a free download but not everything is free, naturally.

O2 Customers get an eight week free trial and then pay £1 a week directly onto their bill for O2 Tracks.

By contrast those on other UK networks have aonly a two week free trial and then will need to pay £4.99 a month.

O2 Tracks automatically downloads the week’s Official Top 40 Chart and 20 other of the most popular tracks direct to a smarphone.

The tracks aren’t streamed, they are downloaded and stored on your smartphone then refreshed over the weekend.

GoMo News tried downloading the app to a Windows Phone handset (the Nokia Lumia 800) which is, of course, running WP7.8.

Rather than use the app store, we first visited O2’s site here.

Strangely, O2′s web site thought the Lumia was an Apple iOS device so we had to search for ‘O2 tracks’ in the Windows Marketplace instead.

We were also slightly puzzled by the app urgent warnings that it would be best to download the content over a Wi-fi connexion, given that it claims to be so 3G friendly. Ho, hum.

Overall, O2 Tracks is a neat little package offering ten of the newest releases in addition to the Top 40 plus ten blasts from the Past.

There’s also a news section. We personally think that this service will entertain youngsters too bored to search for that track which they just heard playing on the radio via rival services.

Curiosuly, this wasn’t the first time we’d encountered MusicQubed’s service.

We’d downloaded an Android version to an HP TouchPad tablet before. See our previous story here.

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