GoMo uncovers world’s first sexist QR campaign

Rating: See What You Are Missing ad for Eurolines

Here at GoMobile News we’ve come across QR codes being deployed in some pretty raunchy contexts before but we firmly believe we have just found the world’s first sexist QR campaign. It was discovered in a Mens Room (toilet) found in a Clapham (UK) public house. We managed to capture the ad with our trusty Motorola Defy Android smartphone. The ad (for the Eurolines coach company) says, “See what you are missing”, and features what we assume is supposed to be a barmaid from the Munich Beer festival. She’s holding six glasses (jugs – Geddit?) of lager. Strategically place over her ample bosoms is a QR code and the implication is that if you scan the QR code in, you’ll see a more revealing picture of the young lass.To put our assertion that it is sexist to the test, we ran a quick straw poll on Facebook and were astonished to get over 20 swift responses. Both men and women agreed that it was indeed sexist.

We tracked down the actual advertising agency responsible for this campaign to the Bournemouth based Walker Agency Ltd and tried to speak to both the digital creative director, Daryl Irvine and the md, Martin Walker. Neither have yet responded.

One of the questions we would have liked to have asked is, “If this ad is for the boys, what’s the ad like for the girls?”

A spokeswoman from the agency told us that the ad was aimed at the student community (who we think are possibly even more aware of sexism than other sectors) but wasn’t able to elaborate on what the version aimed at females is like.

One of our Facebook friends kindly provided this definition of sexism – “Attitudes, conditions, or behaviours that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender.” This ad therefore definitely fits the bill.

What happens if you scan the QR code in? Well, it takes you to this
page where there are no naked breasts.

Instead it has the following message (as a response to the message -see what you are missing) …

“Beer festivals; music festivals; amazing nightlife: culture and who knows what else.”

It even scolds the person who has scanned the QR code with the line “You dirty boy!”

Curiously, although the advert is clearly supposed to be for the Munich Oktoberfest, the advert is actually promoting the fare to Brussels.

Presumably the Walker Agency has all the data garnered from whoever was running the QR code service for them, so only they can say how good the traffic was!

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6 Responses to GoMo uncovers world’s first sexist QR campaign

  1. Adam says:

    Hey, it’s not always that way! This one is “sexist” against men:

  2. admin says:

    We agree it is sexist but does it ever actually work? Oxford Street is so crowded!

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  4. Trevor says:

    It’s not sexist at all. Why is it sexist? It’s sexy but not sexist, to paraphrase Nigel Tufnell. There are loads of ads like this relating to men, eg the one at the moment on TV with the two women at the theatre watching the chippendale-style routine. Don’t get too PC or you close the arteries of expression and the sense of humour that makes the UK so great.

  5. Tony Dennis says:

    Nope. It very definitely is sexist. Bet you a quid that Indonesia would ban it straight away.

  6. Isobel says:

    How can you say this is not sexist?! It is quite clearly degrading to women!! Extremely misogynistic. I wonder why an earth Eurolines has chosen to use this for their advertising campaign, I think it’s pretty disgusting to be honest, the kind of thing you’d expect a drunk, old, dirty man to think up. Maybe that’s who did! And as a student, I can definitely say that me and every student I can think of would be utterly lured away from this awful and vulgar advertising. So bad job Walker advertising!

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