GoMo’s surefire predictions for 2013

Rating: Ready? Apple will launch an iPhone 6 in 2013

Who can even imagine what is coming next?

Here’s our surefire prediction for 2013. Apple will launch a smartphone with a model name of the iPhone 6. We’re cheating here, of course. Firstly, we aren’t saying that it will be the next iPhone model because it might call that the iPhone 5S or 5G, or something. Secondly. we are basing this prediction on comments made by Sasha Baron Cohen, aka Ali G of Staines-upon-Thames. (See video below). Another prediction is that Nokia will be taken over – probably by Microsoft, if it doesn’t finally start offering Android based handsets.

Why does Apple need to introduce a new handset with a 6 designation? Answer: Because the 5 doesn’t support NFC.

Just imagine how silly leading cellular executives are going to look when they turn at the MWC 2013 Barcelona with an iPhone 5.

The show’s organiser’s, the GSMA, is going to be running something called the ‘NFC Experience which will showcase an integrated range of mobile NFC services throughout the show’s venue and city of Barcelona.

Leading edge stuff and imagine Samsung’s delight at being able to lend Galaxy S IIIs to Apple fanboys who need to see how this NFC stuff works.

It’s not like failing to support Bluetooth which just reduces the number of accessories you can use if you don’t have it. With NFC you can buy stuff.

Even the most ardent apple devotees will get annoyed when they can’t buy stuff as easily as everyone else with their ‘high tech’ phones.

Now for Nokia. The company’s CEO, Stephen Elop, just doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that the company he is now in charge of was formerly a world leading supplier of mobile phones.

Currently, Nokia doesn’t produce an Android powered smartphone. Despite the fact that well over half smartphones sold globally utilise that particular mobile OS.

That’s like Ford refusing to offer diesel powered versions of its models (what’s wrong with petrol?) and still expecting to be a leading car producer.

Nokia’s share price will become very depressed – even if it does become to claim to be the leading supplier of Windows Phone 8 handsets.

That’s a bit like BSA saying it was the leading producer of 650 cc motorcycles when the market actually wanted 900 cc bikes. BSA went bust, of course.

Why would anyone want to buy Nokia? Easy. It has a vast portfolio of IPR which would prove a great weapon against the litigious Apple.

Why Microsoft? Because it has done it before. Microsoft let the minow handset maker, Sendo, go bust but promptly acquired all the IPR Sendo has developed for Windows Mobile.

So it just remains for GoMobile News to wish all its readers a Happy New Year for 2013. Of course, we’ll have to wait until February 10th 2013 for the Chinese New Year.

Equally as important given that China makes the majority of mobile phones these days.

{Fast Forward to 3.15 mins]

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