Google is bad, totally bad says top UK tech entrepreneur Rushton

Whilst Sorrell says Google is the most powerful company on the planet

bad, totally bad - rushton

Hmm. Has the Google bashing season just started or something? Ah, no – apparently Advertising Week Europe has just got into full swing. Hence, top Brit tech entrepreneur Anthony Rushton has decided to take a few swipes at global search Goliath, Google. He’s just declared that Goggle is “bad, totally bad for online advertisers.” Hence Telemetry boss is calling  for Google’s dominance to be limited. Rushton also appears to have taken a swipe at the UK government whilst he’s about it.

Explaining why Google’s dominance is bad for online advertisers, Rushton observes, “If you look at their acquisitions, they [Google] are attempting to own the buy and sell side of the market via the means to count the media they sell and report back.”

He continues, “A vendor should never count their own performance – it’s akin to marking one’s own homework.”

Mr Rushton is, of course, the CEO of a leading digital media forensics company – Telemetry.

The company claims to be the only online advertising auditing firm available to advertisers direct.

Its aim is to help advertisers execute their contractual right to independently audit online advertising campaigns in real time.

Rushton’s comments come after mega-star WPP CEO, Sir Martin Sorrell described Google as, “The most powerful company on the planet.”

Sorrell warned that Google will become increasingly dominant in advertising as it search engine becomes better at targeting users’ preferences.

In addition to his Google-bashing, Rushton has also criticised the British government for not supporting the tech sector in the UK

He says it should follow the footsteps of the USA’s advancements.

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