Google thinks that AdMob is a dirty word

GoMo tardily finds how to disable keyboard offensive word blocking

Here at GoMo Towers we were shocked to find that Google’s Android mobile OS has been trained to omit the word AdMob by its offensive word blocker. The same applies to other Google owned words like ‘Chromebook’ and ‘Zagat. Which seems strange since Google acquired AdMob – the mobile ad company, as long ago as 2010. However, it seems we are way behind the times because back in December 2013 Wired traced the omission of words like AdMob back to a 165,000 word dictionary in Android 4.4 (KitKat) here. At least GoMo News has discovered how to turn the facility off.

The reason we missed the story the first time around was because discovery was painted as very sensationalist.

Amongst the banned words were examples such as intercourse, condom and geek.

Indeed, Google’s apparent discomfort with words to do with sex had hacks and bloggers searching for their dictionaries.

Who on Earth knew that ‘pizzle’ is an old English word for penis? GoMo News has heard some choice words in British pubs but pizzle wasn’t one of them.

This does seem to be political correctness [PC] gone way out of control.

Consequently we went through the setting on a trusty loaned Motorola Moto G (which is running Android 4.4.2) and found how to turn the facility off.

From the Android ‘Settings’ menu, scroll down until you come across ‘Language & input’ under the ‘Personal’ sub-heading.

Click on that then find ‘Keyboard and input methods’. You should see an entry that says ‘Android keyboard (AOSP)’.

Next to that is an icon designed to look like the controls on a graphics equalizer.

Click on that and then scroll down until you find Personal Dictionary as a sub-heading.

Under that you will find that ‘Block offensive words’ is ticked. Untick the box and you will turn Google’s censorship off.

We’ve now put Admob into our own private dictionary by selecting the word from the autosuggestions.

Of course it isn’t just Google who is prudish. Good old Apple is just as bad as we discovered from The Daily Beast in an article entitled ‘The Apple ‘Kill List’: What Your iPhone Doesn’t Want You to Type‘.

That article was also written back in 2013 and refers to iOS version 6. The complaint was that iOS wouldn’t autocorrect words like ‘abortion’.

Sadly, for iPhone users, GoMo News doesn’t know a way to fix the dictionary so it will autocorrect naughty words.

Incidentally, did you know that ‘naughty’ used to be an insult in old English. Today it would be like calling somebody a worthless sh*t!

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