Google’s single logon pays off in social logins share

Google continues to steal market share from Facebook

Google hasĀ  increased its share of social logins according to a new report from Janrain. The company says this is likely the result of unifying all of services under a single Google login identity. Now that there’s a a single login for Gmail, Android, and the Play Store, this is helping Google+, YouTube and Drive. Curiously, Yahoo! has moved to stop consumers logging into its services using a Google (or Facebook) identity.

The ‘Social Login Trends Report for Q1 2014′ shows that Google’s share of social logins has increased to 38 per cent, whilst Facebook declined to 42 per cent.

That means that Google now has its highest market share since Q4 2010.

Yahoo!’s share of social logins improved 1.5 per cent during Q1 2014 which is its largest single quarter increase in preference in four years.

However, geography still matters in social networking terms. For example, in India and Brazil Orkut is one of the most popular social networks.

In China, networks such as Sina Weibo, Renren, Tencent Weibo and QQ are popular. In Japan, many choose Mixi whilst in Russia they choose VK.

For developers, implementing the plumbing to each social network API can be a big headache, says Janrain.

Such networks use different protocols including OpenID, OpenID Connect, OAuth, as well as proprietary technologies.

For marketers, Janrain argues that social login helps solve the challenge of how to collect more accurate customer profile data without sacrificing customer acquisition rates.

Social login accelerates the registration process to a single click and gives marketers instant permission-based access to rich demographic and psychographic data about their customers.

This social profile data can then be utilised to improve segmentation, personalisation and targeting efforts.

Read the report here.

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