GoMo has cosy chat with Amobee’s Trevor Healy

Rating: App that listens while watching TV ads

GoMo News was lucky enough to catch up with Trevor Healy, CEO with Amobee,  when he was attending the recent Advertising Week Europe 2013 show in London. Some of his observations confirmed what we had suspected for a long time. Like many others, Trevor predicts that there will be serious consolidation in the world of mobile advertising. Most intriguingly, Trevor also revealed how his company is using sophisticated software to collect valuable data on user behaviour. Judging from the revenues that they bring in, Trevor claimed that there are only four or five major players in the mobile advertising space at present. Of course, one of them is Amobee.

By contrast, there are large numbers of companies playing in the mobile advertising space who have been in existence for around six years but whose profits are still in single digits.

That spells consolidation with companies either being bought up or leaving the sector. He very definitely did not imply that Amobee might be on the acquistion trail.

Even though with the investment that MNO, Singtel, has made in Amobee, his company isn’t short of a bob or two.

Trevor revealed that research has shown that 54 per cent of people actually email whilst watching Prime Time TV.

The majority of those using smartphones or tablets.

It has led Amobee to developing an app that resides on partipants’ smartphones and is capable of listening to what is on the TV.

Using this data, Amobee can gauge exactly how people react to ads being run on TV. The point being that it enables advertisers to seriously fine tune the offers that they are delivering.

Significantly, Trevor pointed out that advertisers are just as upset when their messages are delivered to the wrong people as the consumers who get angry when fed the wrong ads.

The way that mobile advertising is going, it is perfectly possible to deliver highly personalised ads to handset owners.

As Healy says with mobile, “The power is going back to the consumer.”

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