Guest Post: A bite of the Apple in 2014

What should we expect from Apple?

by Jane Miller, a freelance writer & contributor

It appears that Apple has a knack of coming out with the hottest gadgets. Apparently, according to CNBC’s All-America economic survey, half of North American households agree with this. Over 55 million families owned at least one Apple product in 2012. What’s more, 10 per cent of households without Apple products planned to join the ‘in crowd’ in 2013. I predict that this trend isn’t about to end any time soon (not shortly). To discover what else you can expect from Apple in 2014, read on. I believe we’ll see an iPhone 6; the iWatch; and an iPad Pro.

iWatch release

You’ve probably been reading the whispers of the long-anticipated iWatch, but no one’s yet heard when it will hit the shelves.

If you’ve been waiting around to snatch one of these gadgets, rumour has it you don’t have to wait much longer as it’s said to release in the second half of this year [Q3-Q4 2014].

While it’s unclear what functions this smartwatch will come with, you might see a heart rate monitor; biometric functions; and a pedometer integrated into the watch among the normal iOS functions.

What people do know is that Apple has filed for the iWatch trademark, which means you can hope to see this product on the market real soon.

Plans for the iPad Pro

To add to the iPad Air and the iPad Mini, rumours are flying about a new product called the iPad Pro, or as some people are calling it – the ‘iPad Maxi’.

This model will feature a 12.9 inch display, creating a market for people who prefer bigger screens. This new iPad has potential to become a hybrid between a tablet and a PC, hopefully improving user experience.

What other great features can you expect with the iPad Pro? One thing you’re looking at is a killer resolution.

Predictions cite either a 2732 x 2048 and 265 PPI screen or a 4K display. You’ll probably also see an A8 processor with Touch ID.

According to a Digitimes report, the new iPad model could hit stores as soon as September of this year [2014].

Apple 4K display

So the iPad Pro might have a 4K display, we say? What does that mean?

Since it’s been two years from the last Thunderbolt Display update, many people predict Apple will come out with an update this year, and they’re hoping the update will feature a 4096 or 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution.

However, this rumour is only speculation with no concrete evidence that Apple is planning a 4K release for the Macbook or iPad this year, but many fanbois still have hope that it’ll happen.

New iPhone

The 2014 iPhone, reportedly being called the ‘iPhone 6′ [We would never have guessed that one – Ed.], will change the iPhone design to compete with other phones in the industry.

The most notable change comes in the screen size. Speculation says that this new iPhone will sacrifice the ‘one-handed usability’ for a larger screen, pulling it up into the ‘phablet’ category.

No one’s quite sure of the exact size, but it’s clear the anticipated phone will feature a screen ranging from 4.7 to 5.7 inches.

With this screen size increase, Apple would also have to change the screen resolution.

With a relatively quiet year in 2013, Apple Fanbois can confidentally expect new products and upgrades in 2014 from Apple.

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