Guest Post: Empowering PHP development using HTML5

by Celin Smith, a PHP expert and sometime blogger for Xicom

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HTML5 has been successful in creating its mark in today’s technology-driven world. It won’t be wrong to say that HTML5 has indeed become one of the most promising mediums for building contemporary websites that are capable of fulfilling the requirements of end users. In addition to the flexibility of developing attractive yet user-friendly websites, HTML5 has also served as an excellent help to the designers and developers. If you’ve chosen PHP for developing your website/web applications then HTML5 can definitely prove to be an excellent option for markup language. As you read on, you should find out about the numerous advantages of using HTML5 in PHP development.

Factors which make HTML5 the No.1 choice amongst PHP developers

PHP Development can be undertaken in an effective manner with the usage of the right tools and markup language.

If you opt for HTML5 then indulging in website/web app development using PHP would become a fun experience rather than a stressful journey.

Here are some of the noticeable advantages that made HTML5 as the number one choice of PHP developers, residing in different corners of the world:-

Mobile-friendly website development

Now that you’ve chosen PHP as the programming language for developing your perfect web site, it’s time for you to make a decision regarding the markup language.

Well, HTML5 can turn out to be your best choice because the language allows you to structure and present your website in a mobile-compatible manner.

You can develop a website that is easy on the human eye via comfortable readability.

Revamped collection of web design elements

Unlike the previous versions of HTML, the fifth version (i.e. HTML5) has been loaded with a new set of web design elements including footer, nav, aside, header and the like.

With these innovative in-built features, HTML5 acts as the perfect choice for people looking forward to developing web applications such as web sockets, offline storage, user-interface facilities and so on.

Faster form creation process

Form is regarded as one of those parts of HTML5 that keep on improving with each release.

By using HTML5 for creating forms during PHP development, you can easily reduce the usage of JavaScript.

Utilities such as native form validation, and user interface enhancements make HTML5 one of the best markup languages for funkier form creation.

Cleaner code

Unlike other markup languages, HTML5 allows the web designers to use cleaner and more meaningful code.

New elements of HTML5 make it feasible for the designers to represent each of the different website sections including header, footer, article, and blog.

Using HTML5 during PHP web development can actually act wonders for the PHP developers. It can aid them in developing effective codes at a faster pace.

With add-on features such as 2D graphics, 3D graphics, strong audio APIs and socket-based networking, HTML5 serves as an excellent tool for creating amazing games that are browser-compatible and device-compatible.

The hassle-free installation process of applications is yet another important feature that makes HTML5 one of the foremost preferences among PHP coders.


Being a PHP developer for five years, I’ve myself experienced a wonderful coding experience with HTML5.

The tool has truly helped me develop websites that won the hearts of my clients.

Better features combined with easy usability have made HTML5 an effective tool for ensuring 100 per cent success in PHP web development projects.

I hope that by now you’d have definitely been convinced regarding the usage of HTML5 in PHP web development.

So, if you’ve liked everything that’s presented in this guest post, go ahead and choose HTML5 for adding that unique tint of professionalism to your PHP coding efforts.

I sincerely hope the tool will meet all your expectations to the fullest.

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Celin Smith is a PHP expert and member of Xicom Custom PHP Development team. She handles many projects on PHP and HTML5. Why not join her as a PHP developer.

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  2. Jacob says:

    So Xicom is making up personas to pose as bloggers to get people to use their services? ‘Celine Smith’? Funny they even went with ‘smith’ as a last name, classic. The likeness posted is of Paige Claassen a rock climber in Colorado.

  3. admin says:

    Spot on. It was Paige. We try our best to vet bloggers but the fakes can be very convincing. Apologies to her. Why do bloggers feel the need to pretend to be white American females? We have no idea. We run blogs from any person. Check the site & you will see.

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  5. Upgrading your website from the older version of the mark up to HTML5 is also easy! Those are precious basics of HTML5 totally!

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