Guest Post: Enjoy live TV streaming with mobile apps

by Jayanta Singha, blogger and SEO analyst

It’s television live on your mobile device! With action, entertainment and information, the fun is unlimited. Television and mobile phones are converging giving rise to a new entertainment area – the mobile television. You can now take a break in between your day’s work to watch your favourite TV show or movie right on your mobile phone. So, if you are on wheels or taking rest in a café – you are free to have the pleasure of watching television.Some of the available mobile TV apps are free while others sport a ‘freemium’ model.

You might require updated news for your college project or office work. So get the TV app for your smartphone – they run on a most mobile OS …

Recorded video footage and live streaming of events and shows are on the rise in the recent past.

Whenever there is a sporting event going on in your country, then requests for video clips and live streaming flow into the TV channels.

Suppose an Olympic event is going on and you are busy with your meetings. But you don’t have an hour free to sit in front of the TV set.

What will you do? It’s not a problem any longer. You can now keep a track of the event from your mobile phone – no matter whether you are in a meeting or  completely free.

Sony Watchman

Mobile TV is nothing particularly new. Have you heard of the Microvision? This is pocket-size, small, portable TV which was much in vogue in the US and UK.

A few years afterwards Sony introduced the Watchman. This is also a small radio size device where you can clearly view television images.

Mobile television therefore became so widely popular that even the mobile phone operators began offering subscriptions for it.

What has made this mobile television so popular amongst the users today?

The answer is the advent of 3G internet and superfast  4G connectivity accompanied by highly featured smartphone devices.

Some of the TV channels offer mobile apps of their own. Then there are mobile apps that offer you some of the popular  internet TV channels like Yupp TV, Mundu TV, Ditto TV and NexGTv.

In Asia, for example, the popular Zenga TV is another channel that provides you live streaming right on your iPhone device.

Adaptive streaming

Users are becoming more and more interested to mobile TV and its applications. Did you know that around half million downloads have been recorded of NexGTv!

Don’t you have the time to watch the whole movie? Fret not! 20 minute movies are also available for you. This condensed form of the movie gives you the entire film in a concise format.

Technologies like adaptive streaming identify  the strength of connection and adjusts the display resolution accordingly so that you can have continuous streaming of TV channels.

Author Biog

Jayanta Singha is an entertainment blogger and SEO analyst with India’s Samaresh Web Solutions. He provides all kinds of information on TV and streaming. He works closely, for example, with the US based satellite dish network discounter, Order Satellite TV, which presently offers major deals and packages to consumers.

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2 Responses to Guest Post: Enjoy live TV streaming with mobile apps

  1. Ebuy says:

    Wow! That’s an awesome App for iphones in Asia!

    Haven’t tried it though but I am ready to try it out for what’s got.

    But I know of a dongle that allows you to convert your normal TV to an android TV. That’s amazing as well!

    All you need to do is to plug it in your TV and poof it’s an android TV already.
    downlad the apps that you want and need.

    Amazing isn’t it?

    Technology is continuously improving.

  2. Anshu says:

    nexGTv is one of the best apps that I have tried for Mobile TV! It has great list of channels and works flawlessly on 2G as well!

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