Guest Post: Finding the right case for a smartphone

by Dixie Somers, a writer who sometimes works with

These days smartphones have become an essential¬† tool for most people. However, they are still relatively expensive. After spending hard-earned money on a new phone, all it takes is one drop, crack, spill, or accident to render the phone completely unusable, and thus money down the drain. Obviously, many people use phone cases to protect a handset from wear and tear. However some cases are better at it than others. Depending on the type of phone, there are hundreds of choices when it comes to cases, What’s really required is something that’s really going to fully protect the phone, not just cover it. If you want a case that is truly going to keep the phone from getting dirty, cracked, or damaged by water, read on for my ideas.

Protecting from dirt

Some people think that having a case on the phone will block out any dirt, but the truth is that some cases themselves can get pretty dirty depending on what material they are made of.

Plastic hard cases are usually the best protection from dirt and hard rubberised cases also do a pretty good job of this as well.

for example, Cellphonecases offers a Galaxy S5 case which is good if you’re looking for hard rubberised material or even hard hybrid cases that will keep the dirt at bay.

The Rocketfish hard case for the Droid Maxx and the Griffin Reveal hard case for iPhone both get the job done when it comes to keeping dirt off the case and the phone.

Some people like the look and feel of ‘jelly’ cases that are made of a gel-like, squishy material.

Be warned that while these types of cases are comfy and cozy, they attract dirt much quicker than hard cases.

Preventing cracks

It has happened to all of us. You’re in line at the grocery store, crossing the car park, or standing on the tile kitchen floor when you drop your phone.

You close your eyes as you go to pick it up and just hope that the screen isn’t completely cracked.

Some phones – like the Cat B15 are crack-proof without needing a case, but most phones will be toast if they have a case put on them.

With any lucky, you might have sneaked by without cracks, but if you drop your phone on a hard surface, the device will usually sustain some damage whether it be cracks or scratches on the screen or the phone itself.

When it comes to protecting the phone from chips and screen cracks, hard cases and a combo hard/rubberized case will work well.

The rubberised material offers some shock resistance while the hard plastic part is sturdy enough to offer greater protection. An option for most types of phones is the Otterbox hard/rubberised cases.

Also, an impressive value option for the Galaxy S5 is the Hybrid hard/soft heavy duty case which also has shock absorbency since it is a hybrid between a hard and a soft case.

Lifeproof brand cases offer strong shock resistance and protection also.

Keeping water out

One of the most likely  causes for the demises of a smartphone is water damage.

Whether it’s an unexpected rainstorm, a spilled drink, or getting pushed into the pool, there are a million ways that water can find it’s way to the phone and usually this is a death sentence for smartphones.

The answer is to find cases that will seal the phone in, not allowing any water to seep through.

One of the most common ways that phones get water damage is from liquid getting into the headphone jack or the charging portal.

Try to find a case that covers the entire phone (even these tiny openings) and you won’t have to buy a new phone when water threatens the safety of your phone.

The Griffin Survivor or Lifeproof cases are great for covering the entire phone and keeping all areas safe from water.

Whatever the case, it is essential to find the right smartphone case that can fight damage for the right value.

Dirt can scratch the surfaces, drops can chip and crack, and water can destroy a phone in seconds.

Most brands create cases for all the popular smarphones, so it isn’t tough to find a case.

Try to pick a case that is going to protect your phone as well as cover it.

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