Guest Post: How start-ups can benefit from content marketing

by Brian Lakeman, an author with Activ8me, Australia

Over the last few years ‘permission marketing’ – more specifically content marketing, has swept through marketing offices. The days of interruption marketing; overt sales tactics; and advertising sales and special offers are going the way of landlines. The nature of the digital domain is altering the dynamic between companies and their customers and clientele. People are now demanding collateral product value from their favoured brands. For the moment, marketers are feverishly adopting content marketing as the most widely accepted and successful permission marketing tactic.
Dawn of a new age of media empowerment

As the digital landscape evolves, so does the ability to craft, mould and hone a company’s brand and image.

Never has it been easier for a start-up company to control their own brand destiny.

With the advent of social media; various blogging platforms; and online industry forums, the capacity to self-publish your own material, information and content is a first for most companies.

As traditional media and their publishing hierarchies crumble, this enables everyone from the corner baker to the IT entrepreneur to be the sole creator of their company’s narrative they want to share with the world.

For most companies, this is a daunting task, however providing more than just a simple product to your customer base has become obligatory, as internet users demand added value.

Build it and they will come

Since such a huge share of company client interaction has migrated online, internet users are calling for more utility of the information they consume.

In-your-face sales tactics have zero utility. However, if a company provides content that is engaging, fresh, educational and entertaining, this will position your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

Once you’ve become a thought leader you will have an edge on your competition.

Your online followers, in social media circles for example, will click on, share and circulate the content you provide, proving your company as a trustworthy, industry stalwart.

This builds a cyclical rapport of mutual reciprocity.

As you supply more valuable content to customers (how to best use a product or maintenance tips for example), by making your content go viral, loyal customers will recruit new customers, and your client base will grow exponentially in tandem with your reputation.

Content marketing simplifies social media & SEO

As long as a company provides content with purpose, that matches the wants and needs of its audience, you are guaranteed some amount of improvement in your social media efforts.

Metrics that measure content marketing success are still shaky in quantifying effectiveness.

However, if a company makes the concerted effort to always engage their customers in an honest, direct and helpful dialogue (answering questions or providing feedback on Facebook, for example),  your client base will do the heavy lifting for you.

Your articles will be shared; your bounce rate will jump; site traffic will increase; and your social media efforts will flourish.

Furthermore, with carefully selected keywords placed in strategic areas in articles, your SEO efforts will begin to blossom as well, as your content gets distributed around the net.

Author biog

Brian Lakeman is an author and brand manager for, one of Australia’s premiere NBN providers. Activ8me prides itself in providing internet to the Outback. Everyone deserves access to the internet, no matter where they live. Brian enjoys reading and writing about internet topics, SEO topics, and technology tips and ideas. He also enjoys travelling, and reading.

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