Guest Post: iOS games can now be recompiled to Android

by Fredrick Cameron, a blogger, developer and games web site owner

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As a games developer myself I was delighted to discover that iOS games developers will now be able to use a new tool to port their games to the Android platform. That’s thanks to a new tool from Marmalade Technologies called Juice. This breakthrough could give game developers access to a new market – with over a billion Android devices worldwide. The new tool will be included with all licenses for the Marmalade SDK software development kit.

The release of Marmalade Juice will help game developers who took the approach of developing for a single platform, iOS.

Such games developers ended up locked into the iOS world. Finding an easy way to port their software to Android will give them access to all of the mobile gamers on the Android platform.

Developers, who created their games using Objective-C, will now be able to use Marmalade Juice, to recompile their code into an Android version.

This provides a relatively simple and inexpensive way to get their games into the Google Play app store.

It is certainly much easier than creating a second version of the game from scratch.

When a game is compiled into Marmalade, it gives the developers an opportunity to work on it within this cross-platform SDK.

That means that they can work with just one code base, alleviating some issues with keeping different sets of code updated.

The SDK should also target additional mobile OS in the future, although BlackBerry is not thought to be one of them.

Justin Ng, engineering manager with Storm8, believes that Marmalade’s tools will fit well with existing developers’ processes.

They still develop everything in Xcode, but have a very easy learning curve with the new tool.

Making it easier to move games to Android, meant that developers can focus their efforts more on what they do best which is building games for some 50 million users.

Marmalade Technologies’ CEO, Harvey Elliott, revealed that Marmalade Juice will become available in several versions: – Indie, Community, Pro and Studio.

The community version is free of charge, but it features a limit of three seats.

The Pro and Plus versions of Marmalade Juice don’t have a revenue limit.

Pro will cost developers $3,500 a year whilst the Plus version costs less – $1,500 a year.

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  1. Scott says:

    That’s really cool update mate and I guess I’m gonna be trying that soon.

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