Guest Post: Phones for the visually impaired that rule

by Adam Damon, a blogger who sometimes works with Project-Ray

Over the years, developers have come up with smartphones that have turned to be a real gift for the blind population. With the help of the cutting edge technology, they offer features that help their users to conduct their daily activities without relying on others. The manufacturers of such smartphones have introduced various apps that help the blind user to handle the phones with convenience. Voice commands, screen magnifiers and a few other software features have been used that helps the visually impaired interact with the device succesfully.

Of late there have been afew phones have created a buzz among blind users and also the researchers and institutes who aim to help the blind population.

Transforming the life of the blind

One of the first handsets that aimed at transforming the lives of the blind people was named Georgie.

It was developed by a non-profit organisation and has apps that are built to aid the blind users in their daily activitiessuch as reading text. It also knows whereabouts they are presently located.

With this phone, for the first time the blind user has the scope of interacting with people through the social media.

In fact capturing images or reading messages is also easy for the visually impaired now.

Tested on blind users

Prior to its launch, the phone was developed and tested for eighteen long months amongst blind users.

The interface of the phone is user friendly. This phone has a touchscreen which is a great boon for the blind users.

The screen that is not cluttered and features large buttons – whenever the user touches the icon, he or she gets feedback about the button through a voice command.

This phone has features that aid the users in every action that they take. For instance, with the help of voice assistance you can dial a number, manage contacts and send text messages.

Top-notch technology used

The next phone worth mentioning is Ray that uses the latest technology and cloud services. With the use of sound and touch, the phone is designed to provide independence to the users.

The technology used in this phone is also known as the eye-free technology. There are four display elements in the phone that makes it is easy to use for the blind users.

The touchscreen of the phone is based on the gesture of the fingers. There are twelve icons on the screen and based on the position of the finger a minimum of five icons is displayed on the screen.

Simple interface of phone

Users need to move their finger in a specific direction to open the desired application. The apps are generally in the central position of the screen and you do not have to press the icon to open the app.

The interface of this phone is simple, yet it has all the functionalities there. Navigation through these apps is easy and it has all the features that the other regular smartphone has. There is an in-built camera that even helps in recognizing currency (notes).

As with other phones for the visually impaired which you can buy here, you can also download files from the internet and listen to audio.

Braille enabled phone

The last smartphone that appears on my list is the one that has been launched of late and uses braille, setting it apart from the two other phones.

Unlike the two other rivals, there is no glass panel in his phone, rather a depression with pins under it.

The pins move up and down and you can decipher the information that is displayed in the screen.

Since it was introduced recently, you can only get the basic models of the phone which allows the normal functions.

With potential advancements, there are chances of introduction of updated versions of this handset that are loaded with all the functionality of a smartphone.

Author biog

Adam Damon likes researching about the different phones for visually impaired. Here he has described in depth all three of the phones that rule the roost in this opinion. Adam has tried highlight the special features of each of these phones. However, he sometimes works to promote the Ray Y300.

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