Guest Post: Things to consider before submitting iOS apps to iTunes

by Alfred Beiley, a blogger who now works with 360 Degree Technosoft

After developing a mobile or tablet applications, it is important to perform certain actions and let the application undergo these processes for smooth running on an app store. Amongst these processes, some of them are to be invoked from the app developer’s side whilst the other ones come as a part of normal procedures from the app store. Carrying our discussion over to iOS, there are far and wide things to be considered while developing iPhone applications and also while submitting it to the iTunes App app store. Once the application is ready, it is the duty of the developer to follow some explicit rules for launching the app.

Considering that the application is developed to iOS requirements and guidelines, all the apps that haveĀ  been developed for iOS need to go through the due processes.

These processes are to be followed by all iOS development companies in order to ensure app stability on Apple’s iTunes App store.

Also it is a requirement that the iOS application development companies must formally go through these steps as there are some stringent regulations regarding the launch of iOS apps on the iTunes store.

Thorough testing

It has been found that most of the rejected applications on the iOS platform are because of improper testing techniques employed while going through the testing phase.

Thus it is necessary for each and every iPhone application development company to have a certified tool as well as proper resources for testing.

The integration of various build fixes needs to be done explicitly while testing the app.

Also the reports for the same need to be analysed at the formal level giving functional as well as technical aspects of the app.

The robustness of the application can be determined and also its effectiveness in handling maximum number of users giving quick results to the end user.

This phenomena needs to be tested thoroughly to avoid any hampers once the application is live.

Follow terminologies & rule set

The Apple store for iOS has been quite lenient with iPhone apps developers by the means of HIGs (Human Interface guidelines) that assist them develop robust apps.

Also understanding them solves most of the issues faced during all the phases of iOS development.

It has become a common practice for apps that are submitted on iOS app store that it takes about three to four weeks to go live on Apple store.

During this period, the entire process of technical and functional review of the app takes place.

Functional review includes the working of various dimensions of the application while technical part embraces the code and build fixes for that application.

Once this is over, the application can be successfully launched on the Apple iTunes store.

Technical competencies required

Some of the iOS applications face serious problems if private APIs are used.

Technical competencies are required for quick approval of an application on the Apple store.

The further steps to be performed before submitting the application on Apple store are: -

  • The first thing is to create an App ID for a particular app. This will help to create a better future scope for the apps that you create. Multiple applications can be shared from a single App ID that you have
  • Another important thing to be incorporated in the process is distribution certificate for the application and creates a provisioning profile in order to map that application on the Apple store

In accordance with these essentials, there are reports as well as other tools that are required to understand the roadmap of making the application.

This tracking tool can also be used by Apple officials to approve your application launching in the go live stage of the app.

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Alfred Beiley is an app developer and blogger who writes on mobile technology. At present, he is working with mobile app development company, 360 Degree Technosoft which specialises in iPhone application development.

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