Guest Post: Top smartphone processors

by Sherrie McCallum, a technology specialist blogger

The smartphone processor race is set to experience another series of landmarks in 2013, with NVIDIA, Qualcomm and ARM all targeting increased speeds and better memory for chips. High end handsets like the iPhone 5 to the Motorola RAZR i, the Samsung Galaxy III, and the soon to be released Galaxy IV, feature some of the best smartphone processors on the market. The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA also highlighted some key future trends in terms of new processors, with the processor market as a whole increasing profits in 2012 by 30 per cent, or $13.5 billion to $16.5 billion. What, then, are the best smartphone processors currently available, or soon to be launched?

Octa Exynos 5

This ARM chip is expected to power the Samsung Galaxy IV, according to a report on Techcrunch and will feature two quad core processors to deliver eight core speeds, while still delivering low power consumption.

Part of Arm’s Big.little processor design scheme, the Cortext A7 chip will include features from their A15 multicore designs, and should make the Galaxy IV even faster than current versions of the Nexus 10.

NVIDIA Tegra 4

Also announced at CES, the Tegra 4 is NVIDIa’s new super chip, and is expected to deliver high quality graphics around its GeForce CPU and quad core design.

This processor will be compatible with 4G smartphones, and may include an optional Icera i500 processor for added power and efficiency.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Thew new Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm is being tuned to showcase UltraHD video and multichannel features, while continuing to draw on a Krait 300 quad core GPU; power specs for the new processor are in the 1.9 GHz range.

Intel Medfield Z2460

Used in the Motorola RAZR i, Intel’s Atom processor in its Medfield Z2460 designation is distinguished by its single, rather than multi core design.

Burst Performance tech from Intel means that the processor can, however, still deliver 2 GHz, and can compete, or even outstrip multi core processors for other phones.

Apple A6

Installed in iPhone 5s, the Apple A6 is a modified version of ARM’s processors for iOS.

The A6 contains 1GB of RAM, and is part of Apple and ARM’s plans to produce smaller and smaller processors without sacrificing speed.

With Samsung no longer Apple’s default supplier for chips (according to CNBC), expect to see Apple push for new processor designs in the near future.

Intel Atom Z2420

This processor is Intel’s attempt to introduce a still powerful chip set for entry level phones.

The Z2420 delivers 1.2 GHz of power, and is capable of handling 1080p videos.

Code named Lexington, the new IntelAtom chip is set to be used in new smartphones alongside Intel’s new Z2580 dual core processor.

Huawei Eight Core

There has been speculation lately that Huawei will test out an eight core processor, which will use ARM’s Cortext- 15 architecture, as well as HiSilicon K3V3 technology, and will anchor new generations of Huawei smartphones.

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