Guest Post: Unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S4

by Darren Kingman, a writer for Mobile Unlocked

So you’ve just picked up the massively-hyped Samsung Galaxy S4 and it’s locked to a network you don’t really want to use. Alternatively, you could also be travelling quite a lot for work and using the phone locally, whilst quickly discovering that it is costing you nearly a month’s wages. For each of these scenarios, unlocking the Galaxy S4 will enable you to insert a SIM card from any network worldwide. It allows you to make the use of often cheaper and better services.

The good news is that Samsungs are actually amongst the cheapest handset to unlock and certainly have one of – if not ‘the‘, simplest methods of unlocking.

Doing so is what I intend running through below.


The first step in removing the network lock is to find out your handsets individual IMEI number.

You may well be tempted to reference it from the box that the phone came with; or have seen it on the label under the battery but please don’t use this to obtain the IMEI.

Why? Well, sometimes – particularly for handsets that have been out awhile, when repaired an engineer changes the IMEI but the ones given under the battery and on the box stay the same.

Thus, the only real way to get the phone’s true IMEI is to follow these steps: -

Turn the phone on with an accepted SIM card (or any that allows you to get to the phones keypad) and type in *#06# [star hash zero six hash].

As soon as you press the last character (or the Send/Call button), this is when the IMEI will appear on your phone’s screen.

Simply make a note of the 15 digit number because when an unlocking company searches the databases, this is what is used to match up the unlock codes.

Ordering unlock codes

Once you’ve got that, you’ll need to order the unlock codes. To do that, you can go to a website like Mobile Unlocked and within five to 25 minutes you’ll receive an email with them.

Alternatively, you can go straight to your network operator and ask for an unlock code, but operators can take up to 30 days and may have certain requirements in place before they can give you the code.

So, once you’ve got your unlock code and are certain the code(s) are for correct your handset – here’s what you do to unlock the Galaxy S4: -

1. Turn the phone off and insert a non-accepted SIM card (this is any SIM card from a network different to the network the phone is locked to).

2. Upon startup, the phone will display “Network locked” and request the Network PIN number – this is where you enter the unlock code you have received.

3. If your phone is locked to one of the major networks, you’ll need the ‘Network unlock’ code, but if you are connected to an MVNO, such as Tesco Mobile or Virgin, then the ‘Service Provider’ unlock code is the one you’ll need.

4. Once entered, the phone will accept the code and then be able to work with whichever SIM card you want to use.

No more high data roaming charges when abroad and hopefully you can start using your preferred network when at home as well.

Just like Hovis, you now get the best of both worlds!

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Darren Kingman is a digital marketing professional and contributor to the Mobile Unlocked website, which falls under the Set Media International collection of companies. Since working for the company, Darren has become a phone unlocking Guru, helping thousands of people with unlock their phones. His profile on Twitter is @darrenkingman.

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