Guest Post: What sets the M out from other Xperia phones

Sony smartphone powered by a dual core Qualcomm processor?

by Nisha Pandey, a writer who sometimes works with Coupon Monk

Sony already has its hands full with the Z Ultra, Z, U, T, SP, S, L, J, and E’ But now it has launched the Xperia M as well. Indeed, there’s a long list of devices in the Xperia line up itself so consumers are bound to be confused about exactly which one to opt for. More importantly, how does the Xperia M fare in the face of the internal Sony competition? Below I try to set out some of the Xperia M’s better points.

I feel the Sony Xperia M is a perfect choice if using social networks; browsing the web; texting; and making calls are the primary purpose for buying the phone.

With the Xperia M’s 854 x 480 resolution 4 inch screen, it can get slightly tricky to hold the device outdoors at arm’s length.

However, bring the device a little closer and the visibility of the screen greatly improves.

But in bright sunshine, the display needs to be somewhat shielded to view the screen properly.

This is one area where the more expensive devices easily trump over the Xperia M.

Nevertheless, the Sony Xperia M is powered by a dual core, 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and comes with 4 GB of internal memory and 1 GB RAM cache.

The Xperia M currently runs the 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Android OS and so it is faintly behind the opposition in the software stakes.

Although it is fully expected that Sony will launch the OS update to KitKat, as yet nothing can be said as to when the update will be made available.

Thanks to the 1 GB RAM cache, and the dual core Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, using the Xperia M is but a breeze, however.

The only snag being that you may experience some lag when you are multi-tasking on the device.

All standard Google apps come pre-installed on the Xperia M along with many added-value apps from Sony.

The Sony Xperia M is equipped with a rear facing as well a front facing camera.

The front is a VGA snapper ideal for video calling but can also capture pictures.

The rear one is a 5-megapixel snapper with LED flash and auto-focus and although it can record video at 720p HD, it lacks the capability of recording videos at 1080 full HD.

Overall, the image and video clarity is good and also scores well when clicked indoors, under artificial lights.

Sadly, the camera of the Xperia M struggles somewhat with colour definition.

Sometimes, the colours look a lot more saturated than they should ideally be.

Fortunately, the cameraphone’s 4x digital zoom feature applies to pictures as well as videos.
The Xperia M’s battery features a STAMINA mode which was first seen on the Xperia Z and now makes its way to the M as well.

Users also have the option to turn the STAMINA mode on or off but it tends to have a significant impact on the device’s battery life since it wisely manages the background processes of the phone.

Of late, the Xperia devices launched by Sony feature the new and advanced design theme, Omni Balance.

The Omni Balance theme transition evolves to some extent on the M as well.


There are hardly any major faults with the Xperia M to talk of. The M ticks all the required boxes and is a good performer with a wide range of software and connectivity options.

Whilst the Xperia M fails to have a wow factor, considering the fact that the phone is priced below £200, the video and picture quality is rather impressive – consumers who are looking to buy a phone in this price segment will surely be impressed with it.

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