Hardware clinic: How to force Windows 8.1 to recognise your iPhone

Time consuming & frustrating process. Check your USB cable too

It may have something to do with the long rivalry between Apple and Microsoft (although Microsoft once saved Apple and bailed it out), but here at GoMo Towers we couldn’t believe how difficult it was for one reader to connect her iPhone to her nearly new laptop PC. The laptop was running Microsoft’s latest OS – Windows 8.1 and the software vendor isn’t doing itself any favours if it wants to persuade existing Windows XP users to migrate to its latest software. Because the whole process was time consuming & frustrating. We eventually fixed the problem but it took hours.

The crux of the problem was when our reader plugged her iPhone into the laptop (it is actually supplied by Asus but that is irrelevant to this problem), the PC absolutely refused to communicate properly with it.

GoMo News had a pretty good idea of what was necessary to fix this bug but a posting we found on PC Advisor confirmed our suspicions.

The most imperative action to take should this happen to you, is to ensure you have downloaded all of the latest update to whichever version of Windows you happen to be running.

What we found astonishing was that despite the fact that the laptop had only been in her possession for some two weeks, the Windows 8.1 device still required the installation of a massive 43 updates.

Not only do you have to wait for these updates to download, but you then have to wait even longer for them to install. By comparison, mobile OS updates install at lightning speeds.

Once you have completely updated the PC, it is a good idea to remove any traces of your attempts to connect the iPhone to the laptop.

That means going to the Control Panel (from Settings) and selecting the Device Manager. If you’re having the same trouble, the will be an entry for the iPhone with a yellow icon next to it indicating a problem.

Simply delete this entry and then immediately shit the device down. Power off and on again rather than simply restarting.

Now is the time to check that the iPhone itself is running the latest version of its OS. On the iPhone, go to Settings; General; Software, Update; and then  Download and Install if necessary.

The irony here is that if you had the iPhone properly connected to the PC, you could update handset’s OS through iTunes.

Talking of which, before you try plugging the iPhone into the PC via a USB cable check your iTunes software and ensure that it, too, is up to date.

Having made all three software update checks, now is the time to plug the iPhone into the PC again via its USB cable.

At this juncture, Windows will probably tell you it is searching the Internet for the latest driver for the iPhone. Once it has found and installed the new driver, you should be in business.

The dead give away is that once the iPhone has been successfully recognised, the iTunes app on the PC should automatically fire up.

Now, if you’re really unlucky – like our GoMo News reader,¬† the connexion betweeen the PC and the iPhone still won’t work properly.

Guess what the problem was? Our reader was using a USB cable which connects efficiently to the iPhone for charging purposes but not for communicating purposes.

The reason? The cable came with a mains charger not supplied by Apple itself.

Once the cable was swapped over to a genuine Apple component, everything worked.

We lost track completely of how long this whole horrible process took. It seemed like days!

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4 Responses to Hardware clinic: How to force Windows 8.1 to recognise your iPhone

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  2. Tony says:

    Windows 8 was bad enough, I have just updated to 8.1 what shit it is I so wish I could have windows 7 back my HTC phone will pair with my computer but wont transfer any files frustrating is putting it mildly ide like to tell you what I really think but I cant to rude…get your act together Microsoft

  3. ruhul amin says:

    Works great with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – charges very fast and both ports offer the same power! Chargers a Galaxy S4 and Galaxy note 3 at the same time with equal power.

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