Has mobile gaming entered the mainstream?

Mobile entertainment company BuzzCity ships a lot of mobile games, mostly through its gaming app subsidiary Djuzz. Based on the strength of the downloads over the last few months, BuzzCity has declared that mobile gaming is now mainstream, with 90% of mobile owners downloading and playing games.

What’s the story?

BuzzCity has released the results from its Mobile Gaming Survey study. The survey was taken in 10 counties, representing four different mobile markets: the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The key results are below:

  • 90% of mobile users download and play games on their mobiles
  • Female gaming is on the rise – at least 29% of mobile gamers across all markets are female. The different regions have remarkably different statistics in this regards, with the US and Thailand show 49% of gamers as female.
  • The number of “mature” gamers is also on the rise. In the US, 12% of gamers are 40+, while in Malaysia it’s 19%
  • “Action & Adventure” is the most popular games category, accounting for 41% of downloads, while “Sports & Racing” comes in second with 21%
  • 40% of all respondents play games daily
  • Feature phones are still the most popular gaming platform – particularly devices from Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson.

For more details, visit http://www.buzzcity.com/f/reports

What we think?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life for mobile games device manufacturers. The Nintendo DS, PSP and Gameboy have to compete with a globe full of mobile phones now. And applications are to blame. When applications became popularized, consumers in general became more aware of the apps that already existed. There was a back-dating effect: feature phones have been capable of playing gaming apps for much longer than the iPhone has been around – it’s just the consumer market wasn’t interested in them at the time. Now that they are, the market for old-fashioned Java-based games has exploded.

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