How brands can utilise the best mobile messaging analytics

OtherLevels says they can help improve customer engagement strategies

shneyder - brands can improve mobile offerings

In an effort to keep up with consumers’ growing appetite for smartphones and mobile experiences, 91 per cent* of UK brands have developed their own mobile app marketing analytics firm, OtherLevels claims. Indeed, the demand in the UK is so great that according to research conducted by comScore for Expedia Media Solutions, the UK mobile market is now outperforming the USA. 57 per cent of the UK now owns a smartphone which is slightly more than in the USA where that figure is 51 per cent. Meanwhile Savvy Marketing reports that 64 per cent of mobile users in the UK are embracing targeted offers via their mobile devices – up from just 24 per cent two years ago [2012].

Despite these high numbers, according to a study from ICM Research, a quarter of UK’s top 100 retailers have not fully optimised their mobile strategy.

That means they’re not measuring the effectiveness of their mobile campaigns (or budgets) or truly understanding what customers’ mobile preferences are.

Some experts are arguing that this is because of the disconnect between the CIO and CMO.

In this view, the CMO is pushing to spend more than the CIO on the technology needed to deliver on the promise of targeting and segmenting the organisation’s hyper-connected users.

Another area also still lacking attention is sufficient education about the need for mobile messaging analytics.

This can bring to mobile the same level of data analytics and testing sophistication that brands have been utilising in direct mail, online advertising and email marketing campaigns for years.

OtherLevels director of marketing, Len Shneyder, argues that  brands can improve mobile offerings in step with the maturing mobile industry.

By applying tools like split A/B testing, targeting and retargeting to link individual message copy to customers’ behaviour, brands can determine which messaging formats are driving desired outcomes, Shneyder says.


Figures produced by Distimo – originally relating back in 2011 to 100 Top brands defined by Interbrand.

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