How HTC’s 5 handsets fared before the One release

Rating: perhaps it will knock the EVO 4G off HTC’s top slot

HTC's most popular devices - global web traffic

It seems that HTC‘s new much delayed flagship device, the HTC One, has finally become commercially available in the USA as of last Friday [April 19th 2013]. That’s despite fears that it was still being delayed. The Taiwanese handset manufacturer says it is available from two MNOs (Sprint AT &T) with T-Mobile being able to offer the handset any day now. The only worrying thing is that amongst the other outlets is the company’s own web site and that proudly proclaims the fact the device is “coming soon.”

Against this background,, decided that this was an ideal opportunity to take a look at the mobile web traffic from HTC’s most popular devices over the last 15 months.

The chart – ‘HTC’s most popular devices – Global web traffic’  is displayed above.

It shows that the US mobile market is still heavily influential, but the HTC EVO 4G is still managing to top the global mobile web traffic amongst from HTC’s range of devices?

One previous model, confusing called the HTC One has already started to make a large dent in the older devices web traffic, but how will it fare once we start to see the HTC One’s influence?

A sale reports from Benedict Evans here shows that 90 per cent of Android owners are still on their first smartphone.

The billion dollar question is, will the HTC One release change that?

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