How to personalise Mix Radio on your Nokia W7 Mango phone

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Ever since GoMobile News bumped into an official ‘Nokia Trainer’ in Basingstoke for the Lumia W7 Mango range, we’ve been intrigued by its music facilities. He convinced us that there was a whole wealth of facilities buried deep inside the ‘Nokia Music’ hub which regular fans of W7 Mango never quite discover. We must have misunderstood because we could have sworn he claimed there was Nokia’s answer to the popular Shazam app built in, too. That would be the kind of app which listens and then identifies music tracks. We can find no such facility. However, we did manage to totally personalise the ‘Mix Radio’ feature – in the end.Mix radio is in itself quite a strange beast. Effectively what it does is stream multiple ‘radio stations’ to your handset. Each station being based on a particular music genre.

Now GoMobile News is a big fan of WOMAD – the World of Music And Dance festival which in the UK takes place between 27-29th July [2012]. So that makes us World music fans.

If you fire up Nokia Music from W7 Mango on your Lumia handset, you’ll find that the second option is Mix radio. Select that and it will take you to ‘mixes’.

We naturally assumed that world would be left out of the options but we were actually wrong. Go to the bottom of the screen and you will find ‘Specialities’. Select that.

Scroll down a bit and you eventually come to World. Initially e thought that the editors we mostly picking reggae as ‘world’ but we soon found this not to be the case.

Still, the thought of being able to create our own personailsed Mix Radio (radio station) was a massive lure.

Buried away in the help files we found this URL. If you click on that on a Windows PC or Apple Mac, you can download Nokia’s ‘Music Scanner’ software.

In order to install this app you must either have and existing ‘Nokia account’ or create a new one. You can’t install the software until you’re successfully logged into your account.

Basically, you point this program at all of the music you store on your desktop computer and it will analyse the tracks to decide exactly which genres you really like.

In our case it came out with 16 per cent reggae; 59 per cent rock; and five per cent metal. Considering some heavy duty punk was disguised in there somewhere it was a bit surprising.

Anyway, once you’ve run the app it uploads the information to your Nokia music account.

Then when you return to Nokia Music on your W7 Mango phone, flick through the screen until you reach ‘Personalise’.

If everything is going to plan, you’ll then be asked to download your personal music profile. Do that and miraculously you new ‘personal’ mix becomes available.

We flicked though the selections and they were all tracks which we generally liked so Nokia’s genre selection algorithms do work.

Until we find the music recognition capability buried in Nokia Music we have to rely instead on Shazam and SoundHound.

One thing which is irritating is that on W7 Mango, the entry level version of Shazam is restricted to a small number of ‘tags’ per month. Not so with the Android version which seems unfair.

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2 Responses to How to personalise Mix Radio on your Nokia W7 Mango phone

  1. Scott Raymond says:

    Regarding the Shaazam comments, music search is available natively within Bing on WP7.5 — no app required.

    # # #
    To search for recorded music that’s playing

    Press the Search button on your phone.

    With the music playing, hold your phone where you can clearly hear the music, and then tap Music .

    After scanning, the song title, artist, album name, and album art will appear for songs that are recognized.

  2. Christian P says:

    Totally in love with WOMAD!
    How about GoMobile News do some coverage of the event?

    Maybe – Do a mobile phone video in the crowds during a performance, post it to YouTube and uploaded it to for all to see!

    Love the site and great coverage. Keep it up GoMOnews!

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