How to roam efficiently @ MWC Barcelona Part 2

Surf only with Euros or voice & data with TravelSIM

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Previously we outlined why it would be sensible to get your hands on a dual SIM handset whilst attending MWC 2014 in Barcelona. That way you can still receive calls made to your home network telephone number whilst enjoying low cost roaming calls and surfing. Well, there are a couple of alternatives to all of the hassle involved in sourcing a local (Spanish) SIM as the second card. One is to sign up to the TravelSim service whilst the other is to acquire a Goodspeed portable Wi-fi hotspot from Uros. There’s a good chance some GoMo News readers will like the TravelSIM so much they sign up as distributors.

GoMo News readers with long memories will remember our original story ‘GoMo misses out on bill shock prevention from Uros‘ where we kicked ourselves for not getting our hands on a Goodspeed.

Well, the Finish company sent GoMo a test unit and it worked like a treat. See our review … ‘Goodspeed from UROS provides ideal tethering‘.

A standard Goodspeed user simply tells Uros which European country or countries he or she intend to visits and the company sends an appropriate SIM card. So just say Catalonia (Spain).

Then, when you want to surf or send receive email messages, for example, you simply turn off cellular data; connect to the Goodspeed; and surf at Uros’ competitive rates.

The TravelSIM option, has the advantage of being able to connect users to competitively priced voice calls and data roaming.

If you are going to insert the TravelSIM into a dual SIM handset, ensure you pick the SIM slot which is USIM (3G) compatible because some dual handsets we have seen only have a single USIM slot.

We know that TravelSIM is competitively priced because of our previous story … ‘TravelSim users collectively saved $200m + whilst roaming in 2013‘.

The company is always looking for distributors but hasn’t provided details of how to meet up @ MWC 2014. Ho, hum.

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