How to switch off background apps

Another blinding tip from ST’s Tony Smith

webOS - probably the easiest to close apps in

There have long been concerns amongst GoMo News readers from those who want to preserve their smartphone/tablet’s battery life for longer usage times. Obviously turning off non-essential connectivity such as Bluetooth; Wi-fi and especially GPS (satellite) is always a good move. But what about all those apps running in the background? Surely you can save power. The Sunday Times‘ Tony Smith appears to agree here.* He provides instructions for closing down iOS 7; Android and WP8 apps. We’ve added BlackBerry and webOS.

Tony Smith was helping a reader who had upgraded an iPhone 4S to iOS 7 and couldn’t work out how to close apps down any more.

With previous versions of iOS, to shut an app down, you click on the
Home button and then touch and hold the relevant app’s button.

Wiht iOS 7, it’s now slightly different. You double-click the Home button and the device should display a row of windows. [Very Android-like].

To close down an app, swipe its window upwards and it should close.

With Android, however, manufacturers have implemented the displaying of running apps in different ways.

With some devices, you touch the Home button for a few seconds but with others, the same objective is achieved by touching the Back arrow for a while.

Anyway, once you’ve done this, find the app you wish to close by scrolling up or down through the displayed list.

If you then keep your finger on the screen of the app you wish to close, two options should then appear.

One of those says, “Remove from list”. That means the list of running apps so it’s safe to do so. It doesn’t uninstall the app!

With Windows Phone 7.8/8 (WP8), hold the Back button down for a while to display the list of live apps.

Then select the app you want to close and tap on it. Now hit the Back button again and the app will close.

With webOS, it is very simple. Hit the Home button and you will see a bunch of screens of your running apps.

Pick the one you want to close and simply swipe it’s screen upwards and the app will close.

Incidentally, when running Android via CyanogenMod9 on our HP TouchPad, there’s even a dedicated button to press to displaying running Android apps.

On BlackBerry, hit the Menu key to see which apps are running. Scroll to the one you want and then hit the trackerball/mouse button.

That will open the app. You then hit the Menu button from withing the app and scroll down to bottom. Click on ‘Close’ and follow any additional instructions.

* Note: To read the full Sunday Times article you will usually require a subscription.

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