How to update the Nokia N73′s OS

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*Update: Please read this page instead. It’s more up=to-date.

Here at GoMo Towers, we have been inundated with queries about a story we once ran on the availability of an update to the operating software for the Nokia N73 here. It’s a puzzle* to us because – on the face of things – performing the update is as easy as pie. However, from the URLs of many of those inquiring, it would seem that they are coming from Asia Pacific rather than Europe. This could be the cause of the confusion. Nokia does offer this get-out clause, “Please note that the latest software version may not be available for your device, and the benefits listed may not be available to you, or be available in selected countries.” Which might well be the answer. Anyway, we’re still going to provide some tips which just might help some readers out.Assumption Number One is that some readers may not actually possess a Microsoft Windows based PC. In which case you can follow the rules for those with Apple Macintosh computers.

There is no software compatible with the Mac, so you have to try to update the software from the handset itself.

Press the handset’s Menu button; select the option marked ‘Applications’ and from the next menu which appears select ‘SW Update’. It’s possible that your N73 is not set for automatically checking for OS updates.

To cure this, from SW Update, look at the Setting menu and see if Auto-check for updates has been selected. If it hasn’t been selected, change this to ‘On’ and then select OK to ensure the change has been made.

The handset should now automatically notify you if it has detected a software update for the N73 in your region. Warning: Don’t attempt an update unless you are absolutely sure the battery is fully charged.

We recommend keeping the handset plugged into its charger whilst performing any update. You should not lose any personal data during an update but it is recommended that you backup your data to the handset’s memory card in any case. There’s an option for that in the handset.

Another possible cause of confusion is that Nokia has changed the name of its Windows based software. When we wrote the original article back in there was a specific package called Nokia Software Updater.

That’s been superseded by the Nokia Ovi PC Suite. N73 owners in India, for example, should be able to download this package for a Windows PC from

Once installed, connect your N73 to the PC via a USB cable and the Windows software should indicate if it has detected an OS update for the N73.

GoMo News suspects that some readers are after a specific feature which is offered with the European version of the N73 OS update but which is missing from the Asia-Pacific version.

It could be any of these: – mobile TV (when used with SU-33W receiver); Express Mail support; or Nokia Maps and Java updates.

The latest OS update for the N73 (in Europe) is SW version 4.0839.42.0.1. You should be able to see it from here or here

If your handset originated from Asia-Pacific but you want to get the European features, you’re in trouble. There are ways to spoof the origin of an individual handset so it appears to come from a different region but GoMo News isn’t a site that supports such hacks.

We’d appreciate hearing from any reader who does manage to solve his or her N73 OS update problem through reading this article. Thanks.

*UPDATE: Some of the answers may well be provided by our latest story here

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49 Responses to How to update the Nokia N73′s OS

  1. admin says:

    What is the problem EXACTLY ???

  2. Plz update my phone

  3. Sir, I have Nokia N73 (V 4.0736.3.2.1) (RM-133) (Z5.01)
    Nokia PC Suite installed in PC
    and I have pc with window xp.
    My phone shows phone memory is full, whereas I store apps and data always in memory card. If I update my phone my phone memory will have maximum space ??
    I want to know that any update is available or not for my phone. (I live in India).
    If yes what is the safe, easy and simple procedure.
    Thank You.

  4. Tony Dennis says:

    Aha. Now we are getting somewhere. GoMobile News will look into specific problems which will help us to understand why we get so many similar questions.

  5. Sir, I want to tell you 3 more thing about my nokia N73:-
    1. I have music edition of nokia n73. Called nokia N73-1
    2. When I go to device manager in phone for update software. It shows phone software is up to date but when i find new version of firmware on nokia site it shows new version is available 4.0839.42.0.1
    3. “Phone memory is full” is a big problem in nokia N73 :-

  6. admin says:

    Hi. Thanks for your input Uttam. You might want to read our latest story on the N73 here

  7. Md. Abdur Rasel says:

    Problem: Memory Full in n73 Nokia. It has a simple solution. Plz take the following steps…………
    1. Go to message option+
    3. Setting+
    4. Other+
    5. Memory in use+
    6. Memory Card+

  8. Dear, Md. Abdur Rasel . This is not the solution. I knew it but it is only for the msg (or bluetooth msg) save in memory card instead of phone memory. Read my first comment & then the link in seconed comment to understand the problem.

  9. I have used “x-plore software”(version 1.51) to find out where used my phone memory. But I am too confused after see the result. It shows :-
    Total phone memory = 44.3 mb
    Memory used = 14.0 mb
    Free memory = 1.8 mb

    Then where is the rest 28.5 mb memory?

  10. pritesh says:

    same problem, but i got the solution…actually the problem is ur phone is affected by virus, just connect ur phone with ur pc, but ur pc must have an antivirus….. simply scan ur phone, ur antivirus vl display “no virus found” & thn disconnect ur phone & thn check the phone memory…………

  11. Dear pritesh,
    I have kaspersky (paid) antivirus in my pc and kaspersky has not found any virus in my phone.

  12. mimin says:

    V 4.08 I want my nokia to be update plize help me or show me the way poor people like me. could not effort to buy new phone

  13. Rakesh Kumar says:

    I have N73 mobile phone. It has F-secure software. which hascopyright2001-2011. only trail version runs which is valid only for seven days. i want to update this software so that i can use it. the subscription code written is C14Z-5AYj-BUXP. When i feed this code it shows invalid. Help me out please.

  14. nishant says:

    want to update my n73

  15. admin says:

    Read the updates and the comments to this story and you will find the answers

  16. nazeer ansari says:

    Sir, I have Nokia N73 (V 4.0812.4.2.1) (RM-133)
    and I have pc with window xp.
    My phone shows phone memory is full, whereas I store apps and data always in memory card. If I update my phone my phone memory will have maximum space ??
    I want to know that any update is available or not for my phone. (I live in India).
    If yes what is the safe, easy and simple procedure.
    Thank You.

  17. admin says:

    There are three stories which contain all the information you require. You found one of them. Another highly relevant to you is this one There’s also If you read through all the comments, you will find the answers. This appears to be a very common problem.

  18. Akbar says:

    Sir, I have Nokia N73 (V 4.0736.3.2.1) (RM-133)
    now i want update my mpbile

  19. mehran says:

    hi sir. i have nokia n73 . want to updaet.

  20. imran khan says:

    plz sir solve my problem my n73 web and serivces not working.
    Say security reason.i am check all seting corect,help me
    my mobile ver 4.0750.31.2.1

  21. imran khan says:

    pls sir reply what to do

  22. umar says:

    sir i have nokia n73 i cant install any soft where wen i install theen c omin aa msg reqst acss not regrd how to salv this ?

  23. send latest nokia n73 software update

  24. jaber says:

    hi sir i have n73 but i check update msg on display no more updates sir help me gve solution Thanks

  25. afsfsfsfs says:

    how can update n73 device

  26. John karan says:

    I have N73. I want software update. Tanzania

  27. admin says:

    Why? Why do you need an update? What do you expect to achieve? What facility is missing?

  28. shahla says:

    hi i want have black list software on my nokia n73 but none of softwares dont set up

  29. Suheb says:

    Can whats app be installed in N73?
    It shows the mobile is too old for this application.
    I have updated software in my N73..but still same problem appears.
    Please suggest.

  30. admin says:

    As far as we can tell, No the N73 does not run Whatsapp. See here for a list of Nokia phones that are supported.
    GoMobile News cannot help you with N73 updates unless you are more specific.

  31. sushil says:

    What is WMPSKIN in N73? What is its use?

  32. admin says:

    OK. WMP means Windows Media Player. WMP is another music orientated file format just like the more successful MP3 format. Except that the word Windows indicates that the format was designed by Microsoft. The idea is that you rung Windows Media as an application on a Windows based PC and synchronise your music files between your PC and the Nokia N73 device. We assume that the word ‘skin’ merely refers to the kind of UI or skin this particular app puts onto your Nokia N73 in order to provide this functionality. Thank you for being far more specific about what your problem is.

  33. I am Symbian says:

    When I start my Nokia N73 with a prepaid SIM, it says that “phone start up fails please contact retailer.” But when I insert my postpaid SIM, it normally starts and I can use my phone. I am telling you all how to fix the memory full problem on Nokia N73. First turn off your phone. Then hold the Green,3,and * keys. Next start up your phone and hold the keys until it comes to the point to select time zone. Then select time zone and set it to what you like. Your phone will fix all these problems by this method. Any queries, please contact me via email mailto://

  34. handoko says:

    how can i install whatsapp on nokia n73??
    however i have been upgrade my nokia firmware , but it’s said that

    Your Phone To Old Version of Firmware

  35. admin says:

    As we commented before. Check the whatsapp support page. The N73 simply isn’t supported. You do realise that the N73 doesn’t boast Wi-fi don’t you? See our story

  36. Sumit Vishwakarma says:

    plz send n73 os download link.

  37. admin says:

    We’d love to but you can only upgrade over the air now. Nokia India has stopped supporting the N73.

  38. Ankit says:

    Is there any way to update n73 without any other device like pc

  39. admin says:

    No. Not any more. OTA (over-the-Air) updates finsihed some time ago because this is, in fact, a really quite old handset model. What you really need to do is read our newly launched help page …

  40. vitebonus says:

    sir ,i’m facing slow processing in my nokia n73,is any alternative for solving that problem?

  41. admin says:

    Sounds like your handset is running out of data space. Not sure whether upgrading would really help.

  42. V.PARAMASIVAM says:

    Sir, how can i install whatsapp in N73,

  43. Vipin says:

    How can i install whatsapp in nokia n 73

  44. Anmol saggi says:

    Sir i cant update ny nokia n73 te eror is update is not avaleble and whatapp eror is plz upate ur mobile pone ur pone is to old

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