Huge upgrade of BOLT mobile browser released today

bolt Bitstream today announced the third version of it’s BOLT mobile browser. Like previous versions, it works on any mobile device. The biggest updates are for text, video, favourites and image viewing. Bitstream also released a few more details from their study into mobile browser usage.

The new updates are based on user feedback from the previous beta:


BOLT users can now copy and paste text from websites using the browser. On-line text boxes can now have text entered and edited within the box. Text and font rendering has been updated to show “rich” text like bold and italics. Cyrillic alphabet support has been added – like Russian and Ukrainian.

bolt-copy-02 bolt-copy-05 bolt-copy-06


  • You can now upload pics from your phone to Photobucket and videos to YouTube.
  • Rendering for complex web pages has been improved, as well as overall rendering speed
  • Your favorite websites can now be arranged in custom folder
  • You can toggle off image display for websites – which can hugely boost load speed for image heavy sites.
  • Bitstream has released a pared-down version of BOLT called BOLT lite. This app is for phones that are too low-end to handle the full BOLT browser. BOLT lite strips functions like inline videos, copy-paste, find-in-page features.
GoMo viewed using BOLTs Split-Screen option

GoMo viewed using BOLTs Split-Screen option

BOLT Usage

Bitstream already announced that it has now been installed over 1 million times. You can see other metrics from BOLT usage here. Some more BOLT stats were released this morning:
40% of all websites visited using BOLT are social networks -  mostly Facebook or Orkut.
The top 10 BOLT uder destinations are (in order):
•    Social networks
•    Search
•    Video websites
•    Microblogs
•    News
•    Entertainment
•    Sports
•    Email
•    Mobile Content
•    Shopping
From the release:
“Bitstream expects BOLT to become very popular in Eastern Europe where many countries have mobile penetration rates exceeding 100 percent,” said Anna Chagnon, president and CEO of Bitstream. “We specifically engineered BOLT to make it easy for people to use their mobile phones for social networking, searching, communicating and watching videos.  Our users have validated our design, making Google, Orkut, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and YouTube the top sites viewed on BOLT.”

What we think?

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m hugely in support of mobile apps and services that cater to low-end phones. It’s for that reason that I’m a big fan of BOLT. It’s not that I don’t like Skyfire, it’s just that it’s only available on Windows Mobile and S60 phones at the moment. I particularly like the release of BOLT lite – a streamlined mobile browser that focuses on nothing but high speeds on slow devices. Nice one.

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