Hurry to register for Info Security Europe

London based show isn’t just for IT professionals

Those who have been around for some years might think that Info Security Europe – better known as Infosec, is the sort of show which is just aimed at IT professionals. The network manager who was tasked with keeping viruses out of the corporate LAN. Well, times have moved on and Infosec has plenty to offer those operating in the mobile arena. In fact, there are plenty of themes this year [2014] which are very mobile specific. The show takes place in London, England tomorrow [April 29th 2014] and attendance is free. But you’ve only got about an hour left to register before the organisers, Reed Exhibitions, hit you with a £35 entrance fee!

What sorts of mobile specific topics can investigate at Infosec? Well, for starters there’s end point security; mobile devices management; remote access and VPN access.

With BYOD being such a main theme in the enterprise environment at present, concerns about Mobile security are now mainstream.

Then there are all the topics concerned with device security (smartphone and tablet) such as anti-malware; anti-spam; and anti virus to think about.

Plus, of course, thanks to the iPhone 5′s Touch ID fingerprint recognition, the whole area of biometric authentication has suddenly gone very trendy in the mobile world.

So, if you can beat the Tube [Metro] strike, tomorrow, then Earls Court is the place to be if you want to learn about the latest in mobile security.

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