IAB publishes Open letter from publishers to advertisers

Get into HTML5 big time, OK?

Well, here’s an interesting development. The mainly US centric IAB [Interactive Advertising Bureau] has just published an ‘Open letter’ to advertisers here. The main thrust of the letter is for advertisers to ‘get real’ and start insisting that their digital content is mobile-friendly. And the obvious way to do this, as far as the IAB is concerned is to go down the HTML5 route. Here at GoMo News, we think that HTML5 is an excellent choice. However, it’s not a case of one size fits all. What about in-app advertising?

Below we’ve published the Open letter from the the IAB annual leadership meeting in Palm Desert, USA.

It reads,”Dear Advertisers,

We’ll just say it … It’s time to improve your mobile advertising. In a medium that’s all about movement, your ads are inert.

With consumers accustomed to content tailored to their time, place and interests, most mobile ads are peculiarly one-dimensional.

To guarantee the ads you pay for actually appear and look great on all screens, you should insist to your ad agencies that your advertising creative be developed in a mobile-compatible format.

And the one open, industry-standard, universal format for building mobile-ready creative is HTML5.

Your opportunity has never been greater. Nearly half of the US population has a mobile phone with internet access1.

And one out of five pageviews on the web happen on a mobile device – a number that is growing every month.2

HTML5 will enable you, your agencies and publishing partners to make your creative ideas captivating on every screen, elevate your brand image, and lower your creative costs.

We know this may mean a change in how you develop your ad creative.

But there are many tools to augment work with HTML5, such as responsive design, and a multitude of suppliers available to assist.

If you’re not familiar with HTML5, IAB offers guidance on optimising HTML5 ad code for better performance across platforms: HTML5 for Digital Advertising 1.0: Guidance for Ad Designers & Creative Technologists.

In addition, IAB, in partnership with technology leaders in the space, will be producing a series of webinars focused on HTML5 and other mobile advertising solutions.

To learn more about the IAB’s webinars, register here.

Then ask your agencies and developers for mobile-friendly HTML5 so you can reach your audience across all screens.”

The letter is signed by a number of big brands including AOL and Google. But not Apple, of course.

It is a major acknowledgement of the importance of mobile now in advertising.

Does this mean that advertisers will stop channeling the majority of their budgets into TV ads? Probably, not. Think SuperBowl.

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