IDATE Yearbook is fountain of useful mobile stats

Shame that Ed Vaizey didn’t make it to London event

Weren’t not sure why what must be the ‘Bible’ of statistics for the mobile industry was launched in London at the Royal College of Nursing but it was. The 2014 edition of the Digiworld Yearbook is the product of a thinktank called IDATE . It contains so much useful information that it is difficult to know where to start. Literally, the only disappointment was the fact that the UK’s present minister for Culture, Ed Vaizey had to cry off at the last moment for an important cabinet meeting. What GoMo News is uneasy about, however, is the suggestion that the US market is faring better because it has fewer MNOs [Mobile Network Operators]. We don’t believe it.

One of the speakers at this key event was Anne Bouverot, director general with the GSMA – the organisation which runs the world’s biggest cellular event – the Mobile World Congress.

Bouverot was herself a brilliant source of cellular industry related stats. So, for example, we know that there are 28 MNOs operating within the EU.

This figure is constantly compared to the USA’s – two main players – AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

So the argument goes that there needs to be consolidation within the EU to reduce the number of operators. Why?

For starters, the USA has at least three major players – don’t forget Sprint Nextel, for example.

Plus there are a number of smaller regional players who have little market share but nonetheless exist.

And why aren’t Canada’s MNOs taken into account when comparing the North American market to the EU market?

As the speakers at the yearbook launch made quite clear – there is consolidation going on within Europe. Just not amongst MNOs.

As Mark Falcon, head of economic regulation with Three UK and Manuel Kohnstamm, chief policy officer with Liberty Global pointed out there is consolidation going on.

It’s just not between MNOs but more about the mobile players acquiring other assets within their own operating territories such as broadband suppliers/cable companies. Vodafone being the best example.

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