IM services like WhatsApp overtaking Facebook

And MNOs are ideally positioned to take advantage says Acision

MNOs offer the only ubiquitous messaging service - Amedume

Recent research by On Device here found that IM [Instant Messaging] app leader, WhatsApp has overtaken Facebook in terms of being the leading social messaging service on mobile. The report also confirmed that social messaging apps – including WeChat, Twitter, BBM and Skype – are the dominant way in which people communicate on their mobile phones. This ties in neatly with Acision‘s own research which revealed that 80 per cent of UK smartphone owners are now using Over-the-Top (OTT) or IM services, with 76 per cent of these using both SMS and OTT/IM messaging services together. “Multi-channel messaging is a reality and consumers are utilising different messaging platforms to fulfil their different messaging needs,” claimed Koby Amedume, global director of communications with Acision.

He added, “It’s clear that the consumer appetite for OTT messaging services is showing no signs of slowing.”

On Device found that 86 per cent use social messaging daily, while 73 per cent use their phones for voice calls, 75 per cent use SMS messages, and 60 per cent use email.

The research found that 86 per cent of respondents from the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and China use social messaging apps daily – the findings also indicated that users are unlikely to stick to just one platform.

Instead they are combining messaging technologies to communicate with their peers.

“Operators are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this harmonious consumer appetite for all types of messaging whether it SMS, OTT or even IM,” Amedume argued.

“The reality is that today, mobile network operators [MNOs] stand in a far superior position to other individual app providers as their networks offer the only ubiquitous messaging service capable of reaching over six billion mobile devices,” he continued.

Amedume added, “Combine this with the ability to deliver one messaging platform that address the divergent messaging habits of today’s tech savvy consumer and they really have the potential and the means to evolve their business by engaging their subscriber base.”

On Device’s survey of almost 4,000 smartphone users in five countries discovered that 44 per cent use WhatsApp at least once a week, whereas just 35 per cent use Facebook messenger.

The research by  also found that Snapchat’s largest source of users are 16 to 24-year-olds in the USA;. That’s the same group which other research has suggested is leaving Facebook.

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